Roke Telkom, USAID extend internet to Yumbe

He says the partnership with USAID is aimed at bridging the gap between internet users and service providers.

Yumbe: Internet users in Yumbe have reason to smile as Roke Telkom has extended internet services in Yumbe district, Musema Swaleh writes.

The United States Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), joined Roke Telkom for the official launch of a new telecommunications site, which took place at Bilewu ward Yumbe town council in Yumbe district.

The new fixed wireless infrastructure by Roke is part of a larger partnership with USAID’s Digital Invest program.

USAID is supporting Roke to expand fixed broadband infrastructure at 12 sites in undeserved districts across the country.

Daniele Nyirandutiye, the Mission Director of USAID, says the partnership is to help curb challenges in some rural areas where they have been experiencing internet network breakdowns.

She says Uganda’s curriculum needs learners to do research, which is a challenge for some of the schools in the upcountry, which stagger due to the lack of an internet network to help the learners.

Eng. Mujuni Arnold from the Uganda Communication Commission says UCC is ready to partner with other entities to make sure there is internet access across the country.

He says Roke Telkom should be a solution for the people of Yumbe in terms of handling the internet challenges.

The CEO, Roke Telkom Rogers Sekaziga, while speaking to Access FM, says they will continue to grow the network in areas where the network is poor, especially the rural parts of Uganda.

He says the partnership with USAID is aimed at bridging the gap between internet users and service providers.

For learners in school, the new lower curriculum for secondary schools in Uganda is competence-based and requires learners of the school to do their own research.

With the extension of internet services, most internet users in the education sector, sports, health, and other sectors will have no reason to complain as the services have been brought closer to them in Yumbe district.

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