Retired UPDF officer cries for help from the MK Movement Camp

Turyahabwe disclosed that he is hardly surviving with his family.

By Deguras Nshutaminabo

Kigezi: A retired Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) officer, Isaac Turyahabwe, is seeking financial support from the Muhoozi Kainerugaba (MK Movement) Camp.

Turyahabwe, who has fought for the country since 1996 but was later shot and injured, said he has no help.

He revealed that he has written several times for more than 20 years to the government and security minister Jim Muhwezi Katugugu, seeking redress, but has been ignored.

The retired UPDF officer told this publication that he fought the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in 1996 and 2001; this is where he was shot and later erased from the payroll.

Turyahabwe disclosed that he is hardly surviving with his family, thus wondering how the government can assist a dead person with billions of dollars but fail to help one who is alive.

According to Turyahabwe, this prompted him to join the MK Movement with hopes of getting justice, adding that the current government has failed his attempts to reinstate him on the veteran’s payroll.

The MK Movement chairman for the Kigezi sub-region, Ambrose Kibuka, attributed the current poor service delivery in the country to the commercialization of politics.

He was speaking during the mobilization campaign under the MK movement camp at Bugangari sub-county headquarters in Rukungiri district.

Kibuka asked voters to desist from asking for money from politicians, stating that once leaders attain offices after investing huge sums of money in elections, they have to pay themselves first.

The call came after some of the members at the gathering asked for money from the MK movement team leaders.

In response, Kibuka said the MK movement doesn’t buy support and requested people to join the group voluntarily.

The Mk Movement team-building function is scheduled for today (Friday) at the Kanungu district playground.

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