Buliisa farmers tipped to embrace commercial agriculture

He urged the beneficiaries to maintain and service the machine to ensure it remains in good mechanical condition.

Buliisa: Allan Atugonza, the Member of Parliament representing Buliisa Constituency, has urged farmers in the district to embrace commercial farming as a means to enhance their household income.

During the handover of a hand-mechanized tractor to the Azunga Saving Group, Atugonza emphasized that agriculture is the backbone of the country and commercial farming can significantly boost income levels.

The Azunga Saving Group, situated in Uduk Village, Ngwedo Sub County, Buliisa district, received the tractor on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

Valued at 20 million shillings, this tractor is expected to enhance agricultural productivity in the sub county, which serves as the food basket for the oil-rich Buliisa district.

Atugonza’s decision to procure and donate the tractor was influenced by the ongoing oil and gas activities in the district. He believes that empowering the Azunga group with this mechanized equipment will contribute to improved commercial farming.

In his address, Atugonza also emphasized the importance of not involving children in agricultural labor for household income.

Instead, he encouraged the use of the hand-mechanized tractor to generate revenue, allowing children to focus on education and secure a brighter future.

Furthermore, Atugonza urged the beneficiaries to maintain and service the machine to ensure it remains in good mechanical condition.

Isaac Ayirwoth, the chairperson of the Azunga Saving Group and a resident of Avogea, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the legislator.

He emphasized that the hand-mechanized tractor would significantly ease their agricultural activities, particularly plowing.

‘’Previously reliant on hoes, the group can now cultivate on a larger scale, leading to improved produce,’’ Ayirwoth said.

Ayirwoth highlighted that both group members and other community residents can now purchase fuel, contribute a small fee for maintaining the machine, and utilize it for cultivating their fields.

Evelyn Nyakato, the female councilor representing Ngwedo Sub County in the Buliisa district council, also commended the politician’s initiative.

She emphasized that the donated hand tractor would not only enhance food security but also contribute to household income.

‘’The surplus food harvested from the gardens can now be sold, benefiting both farmers and the community,’’ she said.

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