Buliisa registers suspected measles cases, Masindi on alert

On the 20th of this month, four people were confirmed positive for measles that broke out in Hoima District.

Buliisa: The Buliisa district health department is investigating cases of suspected measles in Biiso Sub County.

Robert Mugabe, the District Health Educator (DHE), told this publication Wednesday afternoon that so far, five children in Nyamasoga Parish have skin rashes, which are one of the signs of measles.

He said the above cases were discovered during their routine monitoring, and they were being managed locally by parents and guardians.

‘’There are increasing cases of skin rashes in Buliisa, especially in Biiso Sub County. Recently, we found five children with skin rashes in Nyamasoga Parish being managed locally by their parents,’’ he added.

Mugabe, however, added that they are yet to get the results from the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI). ‘’We are yet to get results from UVRI to confirm whether it’s measles or not.’’

The health official advised parents and guardians to desist from using local herbs and rather seek treatment from health centers and report any suspected sign of measles.

Mugabe asserted that currently they have adequate vaccines in their stores for measles, and they have already dispatched a surveillance team to monitor and report any suspected cases.

In relation to the above, the Masindi district health officials are on high alert following the measles outbreak in the neighboring Hoima district.

Michael Muddu Sam, the Masindi District Health Officer (DHE), told journalists on Wednesday that they have already deployed a surveillance team on the ground to monitor people with a high fever, cough, weak, runny nose, rush, and watery eyes.

Though the district hasn’t registered any cases of measles, Muddu advised parents and school administrators to isolate children who have the above signs and symptoms.

The health expert disclosed that the people most at risk of contracting measles are pregnant women, people with immune suppression, and children aged between 6 months and 5 years.

He, however, assured the public that children who are fully vaccinated and have good nutrition will not be victims of the measles.

The health educator advised the public to get immunized against measles and have good nutrition in order to boost their immune systems.

On the 20th of this month, four people were confirmed positive for measles that broke out in Hoima District.

Frederick Byenume, the Hoima District Health Educator (DHE), disclosed that those who tested positive were all female residents of Runga village on the shoreline of Lake Albert in Kiganja sub-county, Kigorobya County in Hoima District.

He said that the disease was spread to the area by a Congolese national who crossed from the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, fleeing the insurgency in their country.

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