Relief as Kiryandongo receives new ambulance

“Ambulances carry patients, not dead bodies. Let’s not use the ambulance to carry dead bodies,” she warned.

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Kiryandongo: The Kiryandongo District local government has received a brand new state-of-the-art land cruiser ambulance from the Ministry of Health.

The ambulance received was procured by the Ministry of Health under the Uganda COVID-19 Response Preparedness Project.

Sam Mutiti, the senior hospital administrator, expressed his excitement and informed the congregation that the hospital had been expecting the ambulance since the Ministry had already trained the drivers and health workers to operate it.

“Kiryandongo has never had a state-of-the-art ambulance since its inception. I am very happy, and I would like to thank the government of Uganda for considering our hospital,” said Mutiti.

Christine Adah, the acting DHO Kiryandongo, said the ambulance is fully furnished with all the emergency medical accessories and needs to be well managed by the operators and the hospital administration. Adah urged the operators and leaders to follow ambulance rules to avoid issues of mismanagement.

“Ambulances carry patients, not dead bodies. Let’s not use the ambulance to carry dead bodies,” she warned.

Martin Jacan Gwokto, the CAO, commended the leaders of Kiryandongo for lobbying for the ambulance. “Not all districts have received the ambulances, so I must commend the district leadership for lobbying.” Said Gwokto.

Gwokto urged the ambulance driver to take precautionary maintenance measures and ensure timely servicing by the Ministry of Health prequalified service provider. He also urged the operators to take charge and ensure all the accessories remain intact.

Edith Aliguma Adyeri, the district chairperson, noted that the ambulance received will help extend health services to the community and save lives. Aliguma appreciated Linos Ngompek, the area member of parliament for Kibanda North, for his tireless efforts, which enabled Kiryandongo to be one of the beneficiary districts.

She encouraged the hospital management to display the ambulance user guidelines at all health facilities so that people would know how to access them.

Linos Ngompek, the area MP for Kibanda North, informed the congregation that he wrote to the Ministry of Health requesting a Kiryandongo hospital ambulance in June 2021, but his request was honored this year. Ngompek noted that, though the ambulance lobby is labeled Kibanda North County, it is for Kiryandongo Hospital and will serve the whole district and Uganda at large.

Jonathan Akweteireho, the Deputy RDC, pledged to monitor the operations of the ambulance to ensure it serves its intended purpose. He noted that Kiryandongo Hospital was ranked 10th in Uganda, and with ambulances, the performance is expected to improve.

The ambulance will help in handling referrals, which will reduce maternal and accident-related deaths.

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