Breastfeeding mothers tipped on hygiene

By Our Reporter

Gulu: The public health technology students of Oyam Institute of Sciences and Technology have warned breast-feeding mothers against poor hygiene, which they say leads to diseases in newborns.

While at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital in Gulu City, where they are doing their internship, the students noted that most breast-feeding mothers have not observed their hygiene before breast-feeding their children.

Gloria Wanyungrwoth, a student, says most mothers, after doing domestic work like digging and cooking, among others, feed their children without bathing.

‘’Most breastfeeding mothers, after doing their domestic work, don’t bother to bathe before breastfeeding their children, and this puts their babies’ lives at risk of contracting diseases.’’

Betty Jovian Mociruku, another student, called upon the public to maintain general cleanliness in their homes to avoid contracting diseases.

Oyam Institute of Sciences and Technology is located along the Minakulu Gulu Highway in Oyam district.

It offers health courses such as clinical medicine, pharmacy, medical records, laboratory and technology, guidance, and counseling, both at the certificate and diploma level.

The engineering courses include biomedical engineering, electrical installation, system maintenance, electronic technology, public health technology building and construction, journalism and mass communication, and certified accounting.

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