Alokolum chiefdom hunts for leopard skin to bury their fallen chief

He died on Sunday, February 4, 2042, at 10:30 a.m. from St. Mary Hospital Lacor.

Gulu: Alokolum chiefdom is currently in dire need of a leopard skin as one of the traditional requirements needed to bury their fallen chief, Rwot Peter Oola Ojigi of Alokolum chiefdom, who passed away earlier this month.

According to Acholi tradition, for a chief to be buried, the corpse is wrapped inside the skin of a black bull, and the leopard skin is first placed inside that grave before the corpse is placed for burial. This is to symbolize his supremacy.

Princes Fifi Atim Ojigi, the first daughter of the late Rwot Peter Oola Ojigi, confirmed to this publication on Friday during an interview that the chiefdom has the majority of the burial requirements, including a black bull, a royal bangle (Ogul Mola), brown sheep, a royal bead (Tiko Ojwiny), a royal tomb, and the tail of a giraffe (wino Yib Rii), which are already in place except for the leopard skin, which can hardly be gotten.

The royalties of Alokolum chiefdom have appealed to any chiefdoms in Acholi with leopard skin to help their chiefdom so that they can proceed with the burial of Rwot.

Alokolum, together with Ker kwaro Acholi, last week confirmed March 2nd, 2024, as the date for burying their fallen chief.

According to Princes Atim, out of the total budget of 40 million shillings they have laid to facilitate the burial, the chiefdom has realized little yet.

She, however, appealed to subjects and other chiefdoms within Acholi to support the royal family during this trying moment.

Rwot Ojigi died on Sunday, February 4, 2042, at 10:30 a.m. from St. Mary Hospital Lacor, where he was diagnosed with liver and kidney complications.

About 4,500 mourners from all walks of life are expected to attend the burial.

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