The best insurance companies in Uganda

However, the Ugandan insurance company also has the highest level of customers who are neutral.

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Kampala: The insurance sector in Africa is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. As such, it is critical for players in the sector to stay ahead of the game to secure clients and market share.

To identify the best insurance companies in Uganda, we checked the latest feedback from Saga Brand, the continuous brand health tracker in Africa.

Read on to find out how insurance companies in Uganda rated in terms of customer satisfaction. Which one received the most praise, and conversely, which ones are not making their customers happy?

The best insurance companies in Uganda

The good news is that all the main players within the top insurance companies in Uganda achieve a fairly high level of customer satisfaction.

UK-owned Prudential comes first with a strong 87% of its customers being satisfied by the company’s services.

Not too far behind, UAP Old Mutual comes 2nd at 80% satisfaction level, followed by Jubilee and Britam both at 77%. South African-owned Sanlam, Ugandan Swico, and East African Alliance Africa General Insurance close the ranking of insurance companies in Uganda with respectively 75%, 74%, and 72%.

Which insurance company in Uganda has the most room for improvement?

Overall, dissatisfaction levels are fairly low across competitors. However, there are some slight differences to note between players. For example, Alliance is the insurance company with the highest level of dissatisfaction. Indeed, 8% of its customers find themselves dissatisfied with the company. In comparison, Prudential only has 3% of dissatisfied customers, and Swico only has 1%.

In fact, Swico has the lowest percentage of dissatisfaction. However, the Ugandan insurance company also has the highest level of customers who are neutral.

When a quarter of customers do not have an opinion, it could mean that the company has not done anything wrong to turn them off. It might also show that it has not particularly convinced them either.

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