Black kettles have never been louder in movement until PLU arrived

Opinion:  When you ask any vibrant and proud Movement follower (called Patriots, Cadres, Activists, Disciples, Ugandan Revolutions, Intellectuals organic to the Revolutions etc),  these 4 simple Questions meant from Primary ONE SST;

1.”When was ‘The Movement’ now called NRM/A founded?

2.Who Started Movement (name 4 first leaders)

3.What was the Primary and ultimate Reason (Vision) for the founders before start THE Movement which shortly became led by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, a fresh Scholar at the time, to this very day.

4.Between 1960 to 1980, what was THE Movement doing?

Over 99% percent of those who today proudly call themselves Movement Diplomats, Patriots, Cadres, Leaders, Generals, Ministers, Ambassadors, Mobilizers and even Military commanders WILL FAIL the answers. They all know Gen Museveni only,, and that’s it. They have to WAIT till he tells them anything about even the above or what is NEXT in their own lives. This is fair enough, after all, with Gen Museveni in the Leadership, what else do you need to KNOW? All is well and Rosy, but til when??

Yet according to THE NEW VISION the same, UNKNOWLEDGEABLE (in the context of the above 4 Questions) are purported to have gathered at KATI KATI restaurant on the Feb 22 of 2024 and came up with a Petition titled, _*PETITION TO THE CENTRAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF



It begun,

“WE, Patriots, Activists, Disciples of the Ugandan and African

Revolutions, Intellectuals organic to those Revolutions, Etc.;

ASSEMBLED in Symposium today Wednesday 21st February”.  …And it proceeded to LIST several ‘Terms and Conditions” for many things that sounded totally unnecessary, uncalled for, not factual but based on sheer Panic, lack of basic knowledge about the Origins of the Movement as well as her on going plans to Unite the East African Region into one Political Federation.

We shall not delve into the Details of the Petition as most of you have read it before it reaches his Excellency and the CEC.

But I shall proceed to Tell you the Reality about the MOVEMENT which you may think you know so we’ll yet do not.

In short, if you do not know about the Maker of the Bus, and his/her intentions for the Bus from first principles, it would be unwise to even SUGGEST anything until you have Properly grasped the WHOLE concept.

An NRA General, Disciple, Patriot, call it anything, who joined the Bush war in the 1981s or even, the Movement in 1979, cannot deceive the World that he/she is “more VISIONARY than The Movement therefore”.

Not even a Cabinet Minster inside NRM systems that commands the release of Tear Gas today can claim to know entirely, the Main and Sole Purpose for which the Movement was Created and what Exactly Gen Museveni is Planning for the next 10 years.

The Movement has a History that Stretches beyond common knowledge and most of the Architects are long gone to the Lord, but ONLY Gen Y.K Museveni and Hon. Jaberi Bidandi Ssali remain, both now frail albeit Strong and determined to fulfil their INITIAL VISION..

Let us assume that indeed, these GROUPS stated by the Petition indeed attended and were the true representative of the National concensus by the same groups. If you are Patriot, assume you were well represented at KATI KATI etc.,If you are a Revolutionary Intellectual, assume you were too.

The process of coming up with such representations not withstanding, in this case, whoever petitioned  must be aware that they are already BLACK KETTLES which have No Moral Authority to think otherwise from whatever the founding fathers of THE MOVEMENT could be thinking, whatever it may be.

NRM is not a Pressure-driven system If Gen Museveni is to be Considered  as one of the Founding Fathers, of which he is.

Using the Examples below, I shall prove to the reader that WHAT GEN MUSEVENI WANTS is Usually NOT what OTHERS in NRM/A who are Engaged/Deployed by him Want/Understand., UNTIL the Mission is DONE.

1.What MOVT (M7) wanted secretly/silently: a)Removal of Term Limits

_What NON BLACK Kettles e.g Col Dr Besigye wanted (Museveni Retires).


a).NRM split into TWO,,,Reform Agenda VS The MOVEMENT want.

b)Movt Wins

2.What Movement Wanted secretly:

a)Removal of Age Limit.

_What NON-Black Kettles Wanted: TOGIKWATAKO


a).Change of Age Limit to allow what THE Movement (Museveni, Natoro, Maumbe, Bidandi) want …

(note that Bidandi ‘fell off’ in Level ONE but he remains the Founder and initial Visionaries)

b).Formation of NUP to consolidate new and old NON-black Kettle aspirations e.g Besigye, Mushega, Matembe et al.

From the Above recorded  FACTS, you can observe that Contradictions between the usually “SILENT wants/Plans/Desires” of the MOVEMENT founders and OTHERS from WITHIN are NOT NEW. But whatever the case, the Results are always the Same;, Those who DO NOT know or Understand What Gen. Museveni who is the Legal founder and now the Leader of THE Movement WANTS,  usually FALL OFF,,,, while the BLACK KETTLES plus their Museveni and Movt,  proceed to “SHAMELESSLY” (according to their opposers)  Push an agenda which apparently initially seemed STRANGE, WILD and IMPOSSIBLE a suggestion.

It also gets more complicated that in the above 2  Cases,,, the Chairman of the NRM, Gen Museveni (Movemento originale) , the Official  NRM Secretariat, CEC, NEC etc position was always  the OPPOSITE of the Final Results UNTIL the DAY it happened.

For example, the LAWS of NRM and The Ugandan constitution had ensured that the TERM and Age Limits were FIXED,,,and even written in the Law until the Day all the KETTLES became BLACK and CHANGED them.

That kettle is all of us, plus whoever was at KATI KATI Yesterday, saying,,, “NO,,,,Never even think about BEING BLACK kettle ever again…,,,

Never Even Think for a moment that whatever you may WANT that is NOT in our KNOW, should NOT happen…..”

Like they were the FIRST, to ever ATTEMPT to Decipher what was in “the HEAD” of the LAST revolutionary, Gen Museveni, ..and like they were the First to ever that that whatever Could be THINKING or Planning as per whatever the MOvement means to Him, is not Workable.

Those who have Lived and benefitted all their lives from the promotion of a house of Glass must never attempt to throw stones, when they see another House of Glass being Built, or else, they become the NON-BLACK kettle by Choice and must be ready for such repercussions whenever they arise.

In our brief written History of Uganda, we must all accept that Everytime some members of The Movement suggested something that appeared ‘Wild and Impossible” as Change /Next ,,,majority of the NRM plus Opposition  first Laughed and made fun at them,,,”Abiriga,  Abiriga,,, Abrigating on the wall,,, Anite is Kneeling down to Position and Scheme and Benefit from the President,,,,, “but soon, whoever was Laughing Joins the New Bus they laughed at. The one who was complaining loudest, you see her driving V8,,, in the New Regime, peacefully and happily after Whatever Gen Museveni wanted/Desired had succeeded and led to even a better Uganda

So who among these TWO contradicting groups from Within NRM today doesn’t know what they want.,,,,, Is it the Cadre, Patriot, intellectuals, believers, etc LAUGHING at the Suggestions that General Muhoozi Can Become President in 2026 by Gen Museveni’s Desires/Wants ,,,,,or the one saying,,, ,,, “What The Movement/M7 Wants WILL Prevail and you WILL all Follow, dear BLACK Kettle,,,, or you will be free to become NON-BLACK,, like Besigye, Tinye, Mushega, Matembe, Eriya,  et al..

After all, one of the NRA’s Biggest Heros, cadre Sejusa was already “vomited by the System” for the SAME,,,, Trying to THINK for the Movement head,,, and determine her Vision,,,whatever it was.

You too, the BLACK Kettle of yesterday, will be VOMITED,,, until you CALM down,,, and Join the REAL Movement and their Ways,Plans and whatever it may be.

It’s your Choice.

The author Professor Jago Minyang Makombo, Ugandan Historian and Political theorist.

Disclaimer: As UG Reports Media LTD, we welcome any opinion from anyone if it’s constructive for the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not those of UG Reports Media Ltd. but of the author of the article.

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Disclaimer: As UG Reports Media LTD, we welcome any opinion from anyone if it’s constructive for the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not those of UG Reports Media Ltd. but of the author of the article. Would you like to share your opinion with us? Please send it to this email:

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