Why Gen. Museveni’s ‘Tova Ku Main’ has failed against the intrinsic love and hope in Muhoozi by Muevenists

CEC will decide, but does NRM really have any other viable option in this life.

Opinion:  When the rumours about the Changing of Term Limits begun circulating a few years ago, it was done by the opposers, as the Most powerful NRM leaders of the Time DENIED any such.

Same with the age Limit rumour. By the Time you all Woke up, you were on the Side of what yourselves had called UNCOMMON sense, jubilating, ululating and celebrating.

Me too.  Infact, as Political Wiseacres struggled with petitions, constitutional court etc, they realized that the WHOLE Country had LONG  ‘crossed over” from their Legal Constitutional position to what was UNCOMMON,,, a Limitless Presidency, which Gen Museveni and the NRM herself had earlier criticized as DESTRUCTIVE to AFRICAN POLITICs in their Ten Point Program and even the Constitution of 1995.

However, the rumours about Gen Museveni preparing one of the Nations most trained and experienced battlefield Generals, Muhoozi Kainerugaba for Presidency are now Expired even. The Rumor and Denial and even Resistance stage was crossed a time ago, now it’s only Acceptance and now just an disagreement on the WHEN.

These MK Rumors  begun about a decade ago and ended with even another General Ssejusa running to exile and returning himself back as if anybody was chasing or even following him.

Ssejusa had said exactly the above things which haven’t yet come true but you can tell me more.

Maybe the reason nobody was interested in arguing with or even chasing  Gen Ssejusa could be because of What has transpired long after his ‘lies” about Gen Muhoozi even thinking about become a President of Uganda.

Then, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba himself, appeared in an interview with a bright Child interviewer whereby he denied ever having Such ambitions, and he reiterated that he was just a Soldiers serving and defending his Nation. This denial by the Political Protagonist is not new in the NRM way of things as Gen Museveni also denied all the Term and Age Limits suggestion ages ago.

Today as I Speak, we have all Witnessed Team MK Political Strengths and capacities to mobilize themselves and even aggregate resources to attain anything they desire.

We have also observed how their Activism has swept across all corners of Uganda to the deepest corners where NRM thought she was alone. Infact, Gen MK concept is more rurally enshrined that even NUP,  but this is to be ‘blamed’ in NRM peoples and managers themselves.

Infact, those who Doubt the Power and Capacity of General Muhoozi to  Replace Gen Museveni Must be aware that the only reason the “TOVA KU MAIN” Project was initiated was because MAJORITY of The Formal NRM Party Structures and Peoples had Literally MOVED ON/Crossed over to Support Muhoozi and Team Chairman. Name any, MPs, Minsters,  NEC, Generals of the High Command, etc you could See All ‘getting close to MK”. It got so “Bloody” that lobbying to Get Onboard became Lobbying.

As one of those who went to Promote MK, my reason was the same as those of others. Though I begun as early as 2015 on Facebook,  The 2021 Term had just begun and I was Worried about a Future without Gen Museveni and I needed an experienced Leader well versed with Security and Defence acumen as we are an Epicentre of a Security challenge. We are also a Group of Pan Africans still at War with Neo imperialism and we need to win, be it with Guns or Peace.

It was at this particular point of heightened “MK Frenzy”  that Gen Y.K Museveni had to Step in to say, “Wait A Minute, I am still the Boss my friends and even Family”. The rest of what Happened next we all know,,, #TovaKuMain.

Those who had Voluntarily Engaged themselves to Promote Gen MK were DIVERTED with Heavy FUNDS by the ONC to Promote Y K Museveni for 2026. Team MK was left with a strong SHELL but which was now lacking the Deep and Aggressive Grassroots Mobilization capacity of a few months ago as these had been uprooted from them by Gen Museveni through Hajjati Namyalo.

It must be noted that over 80% of current ONC staff were already engaged in promoting General Muhoozi shortly before TOVA KU MAIN became Popular. Name any.  It’s therefore apparent that it is the SAME system that has been moving back and forth, the undefeatable  Museveni system of Liberation Peoples.

It is this Museveni System That at the Start of 2022 and earlier had decided to become Muhoozists,, without even first listening to Gen Museveni’s way forward. And to the shock of most, Gen Muhoozi also decided to Embrace them and  became part of them. (Gen Ssejusa was not shocked through, neither was I as this is what I had wanted)

What is causing the Sudden Upsurge in Team MK brand Visibility is caused by two factors,

  1. The launch of the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) by Gen Muhoozi supporters to coordinate Team MK  activities (called Promoting Patriotism).  If it’s only a New News Issue, then it should subside soon.
  2. The  Failure of the ONC Management to HOLD and Consolidate as well as convince this Museveni Mobilization machinery which was already mind tuned to Muhoozi being President Today.

ONC Bazzukulu’s Hajjati Namyalo is undoubtedly a good mass Mobilizer and an expert in field mass mobilization, but she may not be the kind of Expertise needed to Convince an NRM elite whose mind has already decided otherwise. Such may need Patience and extreme People Management Experience of decades old.

To expect to Cause thousands to Millions of ardent Muhoozi Fanatics masquerading as Bazzukulu to change their Minds may have needed a real Community Psychologist with experience in  Concrete systems, processes and controls awash with critical internal and external performance management standards,  not a Manual system of Oyeee Oyeeee run of childish rumor mongering, finger pointing and lack of standard data gathering and record Keeping capacities.

It must be noted that the sole Purpose of ONC Kyambogo under Hajjati Hadijah Namyalo was to “Mobilize the then Muhoozi-Minded Mobilizers to “RETURN to Support Museveni for 2026. That is the only mission, even now.

The Keyword is “return”, as used by Hajjati Namyalo herself.  Therefore, something that is still Yours does Not need to be Returned, does it. So to assess ONC success, this RETURN must be well assessed in Numbers of Returnees.

As TOVA KU MAIN became a viral trend due to the Fact that the Same talented and well trained  Museveni/Muhoozi Promoters were now in charge, at this Point, it started to appear to most Observers that Gen Museveni had begun “Fighting his own Son”, who had literally earlier “Captured” his Party, Love, Legacy  and taken EVERY vital mobilizer or Architect you know of (think of any, MK had already taken them, or was in the process)..

The MUHOOZI wave is therefore the Only Activity that has Ever driven Majority of Museveni supporters Voluntarily to Support Another Candidate to Become their Leader.

This “system CAPTURE” happened at all levels of the Movement as you know it, with CEC and NEC members Joining MK, and some have never left, even after Heavy Funds have been used by Gen Museveni at the ONC to attempt yo consolidate them back to Museveni “2026 and beyond”. Even those who went Back to Push Museveni for 2026, have a Leg in team MK as we speak, gagged by their Appointed roles that may not permit them to air out their thinkings. But we have Seen them WITH Muhoozi, many times.

It is therefore Just a matter of Time.

If TOVA KU MAIN was intended to make the ‘Bazzukulu” and senior NRM managers, patriots cadres and Voters to Abandon MUHOOZI and Return to Museveni,,,then I can categorically say that the Mission has been a TOTAL FAILURE. A FLOP. On top it Looks rosy, but The DEEP Hearts and Minds of NRM May have already MOVED ON with Gen Muhoozi , never to Return.

Infact,  if Gen Y.K Museveni stood up and said,, “Feel Free,,Everyone GO where you want,,I forecast that 99% of Bazzukulu and those Promoting Museveni 2026 and would be  NAGURU, voluntarily.

The Only reason Muhoozi and the PLU still do not have “formal Numbers” to show is because such a system that would accept, register and TAG a Member is absent.

Also to avoid appearing as a Direct Political System, there are activities they cannot do e.g Registering of new Members, endorsing Political candidates, making Promo posters and banners, making Political rallies for the sole Purpose of Politics etc. These are the Only fetters which prevent a “Total MK Revolution” as some of their Members like to call it,,the New Generational Leadership.

Moreso, Gen MK has created a necessary Impenetrable Wall around him that prevents the usual Ugandan Political  Opportunism and manipulation. For a typical Powerful NRM politician to directly access Gen MK to share anything, they must pass through “someone they annoyed” or ‘someone they wouldn’t expect”,,,a scenario they are not used to in the Mainstream Powerhouse. Typical Ugandan “Big people” have a Proud Class vice,,,and like to respect and even speak to only ‘big people’ or bigger people than them. If you don’t want them near you therefore, make them to report to a “small person” in their eyes first. You will never see them.

Then you can have time and space  to Plan NEW things with Peace of Soul and Mind..

This has caused some Discontent in those who want to JOIN, but has also helped to Limit Speculators, powerful mind influencers and Political Merchants from Nagging Gen Muhoozi with their Ideas of what should be and not.

The conclusion of this is that, even though Gen Museveni has Tried his best to HOLD ONTO his People who have always  Loved and still love him so Much using all interventions possible within the past 18 months, General Muhoozi has become a REAL EGG, just waiting to HATCH. When it hatches shall depend on the Gestation Period of a Human Egg.

The author Professor Jago Minyang Makombo, Ugandan Historian and Political theorist, former Team MK brander and Ambassador, former TOVA KU MAIN brand ambassador and Global Political Strategist, ACUP. Reactions to

Disclaimer: As UG Reports Media LTD, we welcome any opinion from anyone if it’s constructive for the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not those of UG Reports Media Ltd. but of the author of the article.

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Disclaimer: As UG Reports Media LTD, we welcome any opinion from anyone if it’s constructive for the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not those of UG Reports Media Ltd. but of the author of the article. Would you like to share your opinion with us? Please send it to this email:

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