Nothern Uganda 2 nd Agriculture Expo commences

The second edition of Northern Uganda agricultural expo
has today commence at Pece War Memorial Stadium in Gulu
The show under the theme “Agriculture as a business” will run
from 26 th  to the 30 th  July 2023.
The expo is targeting smallholder farmers, students, youth and
various companies and cooperatives in the northern region with
the intention of mindset change and offering agricultural
advisory services to them so that they can start embracing the
available advanced technology and mechanization to boost mass
production of Agri-product in the region.
The trade show is being organized by Uganda forum for
agricultures advisory service in partnership with Gulu university
is being o sponsored by Bank of Uganda, GIZ, office of the
Prime Minister among other sponsors.
Grace Musimami, secretary general of Uganda forum for
agricultural advisory service told journalists in the press
conference that they are encouraging Scholl to practice backyard
farming to boost food security and serve as a demonstration plot
for students undertaking agriculture.
He rallies people to come in large numbers so they are offered
an advisory service that would help them make decisions from

informed perspective when opting which technology works best
for their various businesses.

Musimami confirmed that about 80 exhibitors who will be
showcasing various products and services have confirmed their
participation. They will showcase products including
machineries, organic fertilizers, improved seed and seedling,
process Agro-product and various advisory services will be
offered to the participants.
Arthur Owor, one of the researchers, encouraged the people with
indigenous seed spices to come and also showcase, noticing that
some of this organics indigenous spices are now on a pathway to
extinction something he says people should rise against.
Tabu Ismael, a year three student undertaking Bachelor degree
in agriculture, says the Expo will impact on his study positively
because he has been learning theoretical aspects of various
advanced agricultural machinery but has not interfaced with it.
Owor cited an example of a combine harvester which he says
Gulu university doesn’t have even one.
Luderick Okello regional sale supervisors for tulimasolor
company says they are exhibiting different solar systems which
can help the smallholder farmers to embrace both small-scale
and large-scale irrigation.
He advises that to address the challenges of climate change, a
farmer can opt for irrigation which is affordable depending on
the system they want to use.
The expo that commenced today will officially launch tomorrow
Thursday and it will climax on Sunday the 30 th .

During the course of the week farmers will be taken through a
learning session on mindset change in agriculture the session
will be facilitated by experts from various government
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