Thugs steal battery from wheel loader parked at Kikuube police station

They also want the police to the police to expedite their investigations.

Kikuube: The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Kikuube, Mr. Amlan Tumusiime, has ordered police to investigate the circumstances under which a battery for the newly procured wheel loader went missing.

Last month, the government of Uganda handed over newly procured road units to 14 newly created districts worth 59 billion shillings.

Road units that were given to the new districts last month include one motor grader and one-wheel loader per district, and Kikuube district was among the new districts that benefited.

Early this week, unknown people stole a battery for the newly procured wheel loader for Kikuube district local government registration number UG 2864 W, which was parked at Kikuube Police Station.

On Friday, June 7, 2024, the Resident District Commissioner for Kikuuube, Mr. Amlan Tumusiime, visited the scene and ordered the Kikuube District Police Commander (DPC) to commence investigations on how the battery was stolen.

Tumusiime, who condemned the act, said he has confidence in the Kikuube police that all suspects will be arrested and charged.

Susan Kabasindi, the Kikuube district chairperson for works, and the Kikuube district speaker, Mr. Christopher Nkalu, say the Kikuube district local government parks their vehicles on the premises of Kikuube district police.

The officials said they are now planning to swift them to their head office, which is to be open soon, and they are waiting for a police investigation report about how the battery was stolen.

They also want the police to the police to expedite their investigations saying the swift action will not only help recover the stolen battery but also prevent financial losses for the district when purchasing a replacement.

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