‘’Don’t use road reserves for bricklaying business,’’ Gulu residents warned

The warning follows rampant brick-laying practices on many of the road reserves within the city.

By Christopher Nyeko

Gulu: Authorities in Pece-Laroo division in Gulu city have warned locals against carrying out bricklaying practices and a business on the road reserve as the dry season commences and threatened that any person found culpable shall be penalized.

The warning follows rampant brick-laying practices on many of the road reserves within the city.

It has been observed by local leaders that residents, once the road is pegged, launch brick-laying practices on those proposed roads with the intention that the holes created will be refilled by road constructors during road opening.

Geoffrey Otim, the mayor for Pece-Laroo division, says some of the holes created on the proposed road by brick layers are now causing road accidents in some of the areas within his division.

Otim lamented that refilling  some large holes  opened by brick layers consume a lot of fuel and waste much  time during roads opening. 

Akena Geoffrey Oscar, the Laroo-Pece division secretary for work and technical services, says the council has passed a bylaw that will penalize anyone found culpable by serving six months imprisonment.

However, Eng. Sunday Oola, the division engineer working in all the two Gulu city divisions, explained that road reserves are used for the installation of underground utilities lines such as telecommunication lines, water pipe lines, electricity lines, and sewerage lines, among others.

He advises the locals to use the road reserves to plant grass, flowers, and some short crops for beautification purposes.

Currently, a number of people in Gulu City are engaging in brick-laying businesses in an effort to enhance household income.

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