Security Company awards scholarships to seven students from Buliisa, Hoima

Last year, six students benefited from the scheme, and this year, seven have benefited.

By Flavia Ajok

Hoima: GardaWorld Company, operating as KK Security in Uganda, has awarded seven students who excelled in last year’s PLE from Buliisa and Hoima districts with fully funded scholarships for their secondary ordinary level education.

The beneficiaries from underprivileged families were selected from over 100 applicants who filled out forms to benefit from the prestigious “GardaWorld Scholarship Scheme.”

The initiative, dubbed “GardaWorld Scholarship Scheme,” is part of the company’s wide ambition to enhance access to education through a range of platforms across their operating markets.

The GardaWorld Scholarship Scheme, which is a partnership with McDermott and Albertine Waste Management JV, will see the recipients receive a fully funded 4-year scholarship inclusive of tuition at St. Andrea Kaahwa’s College in Hoima, Uganda.

Daniel Rwoyera, the technical manager of Gardaworld Company, says the scholarship’s second-year running is part of the company’s ambition to deliver social value both throughout and beyond their core operations that support local communities in a sustainable manner in areas of healthcare, education, and sport, among others.

Speaking at the award ceremony held at the Hoima Golden Castle Hotel on Friday, Rwoyera said they have given scholarships to four girls and three boys to be able to empower both sexes and provide all the basic necessities needed for their education.

He has urged parents from Hoima and Buliisa districts to educate their children with the little support they are being given so that they can get better jobs in the oil and gas sector.

Last year, six students benefited from the scheme, and this year, seven have benefited.

Hanington Asaba Kiiza applauded Gardaworld for sponsoring the seven students, saying the 85 million shillings in tuition they have paid at St. Andrea College is not taken for granted.

Asaba called upon other development partners to copy Garda World, KK Security, McDermott, and Albertine Waste Management JV to lift the education standards in the region.

Uthuman Mugisa Kadiri, the Hoima District LCV chairman, asked the companies operating in oil and gas to come out and spearhead and fund education.

The challenges being faced right now are that local residents are only qualifying for non-skilled and semi-skilled labor due to a lack of education.

Sophia Kabonesa, the Buliisa district education officer, cautioned parents to continue supporting their children.

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