Councillor remanded over alleged theft

She was remanded to Lira Central government prison till 19.2.2023, when she will reappear in court.

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Lira: The Lira Chief Magistrate has remanded Lira City Council Female Workers’ Councillor, Sarah Awor Angweri, over an allegation of theft of money that was given to compensate an employee of Mt. Meru Millers, an oilseed milling factory in Lira City.

She was remanded on February 15, 2024, to Lira Central Government Prison.

It is alleged that Awor Jacinta, who was a staff member of Mt. Meru Millers, recently reported to Awor Angweri about an accident that occurred at her workplace, during which she got acid burns, but the company had not compensated her.

According to a report, Awor Jacinta, with the help of Angweri, was later compensated with a sum of shillings 9.1 million by Mt. Meru Millers, which was paid through a check to the accuser’s bank account.

Awor reportedly took Awor Jacinta to the bank and withdrew the money after the check had matured, but later fled with all the money.

Awor Jacinta later opened a case of theft against Angweri at Lira Central Police Station, and the latter was consequently arrested and arraigned before Lira Chief Magistrate Abiti Samson Loum.

Lira Chief Magistrate Abiti Samson Loum read the charges against Awor Sarah Angweri and remanded her to Lira Central government prison till 19.2.2023, when she will reappear in court.

Ken Allan Owani, a former Lira Municipal Councillor and a vocal watchdog of justice, warned leaders against taking advantage of vulnerable people, adding that we hold public offices by trust and therefore we are a voice to the voiceless, which should be upheld with fear and trembling.

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