Scripture union leaders decry ill-intentioned impersonators

He adds that such cases of people impersonating to be from or associates with the Scripture Union occur in schools where there are no patrons.

Hoima: Leaders of the Scripture Union Uganda mid-western region have decried groups of people who go to different schools impersonating them yet with ill-intentions.

This was disclosed on Saturday during the 20th Scripture Union Uganda mid-western region annual general meeting held at Duhaga Boys Primary School Hall.

Grace Katwesige, the ministry regional coordinator, revealed that many are now impersonating to be members of the scripture union since it has made a name, yet they are aiming at recruiting the children as gays and lesbians.

Katwesige said she is going to write to all schools in the mid-western region not to give platform to anyone who comes in the name of the scripture union or says they associate with the union if he or she has no letter stamped by the scripture union office.

Rev. Isaiah Mukuru, the regional chairperson of the Scripture Union Uganda, stressed that, as the union, they are rooted in schools and churches, thus requesting the patrons to be alert and inform the union in case of any program or arrangement if they are to stop this vice.

Mukuru says if patrons are not on alert, then they are likely to have the wrong people who will have the children and teach them things that don’t coordinate with the scripture union’s goals.

He adds that such cases of people impersonating to be from or associates with the Scripture Union occur in schools where there are no patrons.

During the AGM, Olive Muhumuza, the treasurer of the Ugandan scripture union in the mid-western region, revealed that what is failing the union most is not having a budget at the district level and also failure to remit the subscription fee by the members.

Muhumuza adds that some fail to fulfill their pledges, thus calling upon members to spend more time praying for scripture union activities and mobilizing others to support the union.

Members of the union also came up with a resolution that will support the children’s camp, and among these were fundraising activities.

Esther Nabirye from the Scripture Union Uganda Kampala office says there is a need to continuously read the word of God and teach people to know and read the word by themselves.

Nabirye adds that children need to be encouraged to study the word of God daily.

Scripture Union’s mission is to nurture children and youths to know Jesus Christ and live by God’s word, and their vision is for children and youths transformed through following Jesus Christ to impact families and communities under their key scripture, Psalms 119:105.

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