Residents tasked to unite in fighting against homosexuals

“We as the district are ready to crack down on people who are behind homosexuality”, said Ms. Akol.

Bukedea: The resident district commissioner for Bukedea William Wilberforce Tukei has tasked the Bukedea residents to unite their effort in fighting against homosexuality in the district.

Tukei pronounced this during an engagement meeting with the bukedea town council women and the youth.

He said the Iteso culture disregards the marriage between man to man or woman to woman as fueled by the western countries.

Tukei further explained that the Speaker Anita UK sanctions were manipulated because of the anti-homosexual bill passed by the parliament of Uganda.

“Can a man have sex with a fellow man leaving a juicy woman on bed really or woman to have sex with a fellow woman, let’s join our effort in fighting against the homosexuality in our district”, said Mr. Tukei.

He also added that the Iteso culture multiplies because of production between a man and a woman.

“Let’s defend our norm and culture rights as the people of Teso, not westerners”, said Tukei.

Ms. Engella Ruth Ijede, one of the concerned women said as Iteso, they are ready to receive any kind of restriction from western countries as long as they are protecting the Iteso culture.

“Let them practice their homosexuals in their countries not Uganda or Teso, God directed a man to marry a woman not man to man or woman to woman”, said Ms. Ijede.

Ms. Mary Akol the Bukedea district chairperson echoed her voice saying bukedea district is not for homosexuals.

“We as the district are ready to crack down on people who are behind homosexuality”, said Ms. Akol.

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