Hoima Catholic Diocese launches Education Week

The education week 2024 expo will be at St. John Bosco seminary from August 5th -11th.

Hoima: Hoima catholic diocese department of education on Monday May 27, 2024 officially launched education week 2024 with an estimated budget of 160 million shillings

Fr. Patrick Mugisa, the head of the Hoima Catholic Diocese’s department of education said that Education Week serves as an annual celebration of the Catholic Church’s dedication to education.

He added that the education week 2024 expo will be at St. John Bosco seminary from August 5th -11th.

‘’It aims to raise awareness about the importance of quality education and gather resources to support educational initiatives,’’ Mugisa further added.

Additionally, he said it provides a platform for networking with key players in the education sector.

Mugisa disclosed that the Hoima Catholic Diocese Education Policy will be officially launched during Education Week 2024.

This policy outlines the diocese’s approach to education and ensures that all stakeholders, including heads of Catholic education institutions, have access to copies.

The launch is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 6, 2024, coinciding with the ACEI general conference.

To promote religious formation, there will be sacred (liturgical) music festivals for all Catholic primary and secondary education institutions in the Diocese of Hoima.

These festivals are scheduled to take place on specific dates, including Friday, July 5, 2024, at Vicariate Level.

Fr. Mugisa appealed to the general public and corporate organizations to sponsor the Education Week.

He said the funds raised from sponsorship will support the Hoima Catholic Diocese Department of Education in its mission to provide quality education.

Sister Jacinta Komuhangi emphasized that the Education Week Expo helps schools significantly in their pursuit of quality education.

She says learners also benefit from practical experiences during the expo, enhancing their understanding and skills.

Godwin Mumbere, the Dean of Studies at Mandela Secondary School, rightly points out the need to embrace education expos.

He asserts that these expos provide learners with hands-on skill experiences, contributing to lifelong learning.

Fatuma Kirokimu from the Hoima city education department decried that many teachers don’t know yet what to do regarding the new secondary curriculum and thus appreciated Fr. Mugisa for making it possible for teachers to understand it through seminars.

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