OPIT announces world class faculty line up for 2024

Education: Open Institute of Technology (OPIT), an EU-accredited online institution renowned for its expertise in IT education, has announced a major expansion of its faculty for the upcoming academic year.

Announcing its plans to receive a new batch of students, OPIT revealed various efforts aimed at expanding its teaching capacity to continuously deliver world class IT education in the coming year.

For 2024 and beyond, OPIT’s faculty members boast a diverse blend of academic and professional experiences, with stints at renowned institutions and organizations, including Symantec, Microsoft, PayPal, McKinsey, MIT, Morgan Stanley, University of Edinburgh, Amazon, US Naval Research, and more. This deliberate mix ensures a well-rounded approach to OPIT training, incorporating both scholarly expertise and real-world insights.

Speaking concerning OPIT’s faculty and teaching, Riccardo Ocleppo, Founder and Director of OPIT, stated that their teaching model combines quality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

‘’We believe that education, even if it takes place remotely, must guarantee closeness in all other aspects, starting from the support for the student throughout the study,’’ Riccardo added.

He further added that they have translated into practice a new idea of higher education, radically different from traditional universities’ offering.

‘’The quality of the Professors and the innovative format guarantee a tier-1 learning experience within a community of people linked by the common goal of entering the job market with up-to-date, relevant skills.”

Professor Lorenzo Livi, who is Program Head at OPIT, summarized the thoughts behind this the expanded faculty noting that their emphasis is on quality, innovation and continuous learning.

‘’We carefully select professors who put the professional success of their students first. Which is why we have, and will continue to maintain, a balance of deep industry experience and a strong academic regime within our faculty; now and in the future.”

About OPIT

OPIT’s mission is to unlock progress and employment on a global scale by providing high-quality and affordable education in the field of technology.

OPIT is an EU-accredited online Higher Education Institution offering career-aligned degrees in technology disciplines across Computer Science, Digital Business and AI, Cybersecurity and more with the goal of training and upskilling the next generation of leaders in these fields.

OPIT’s BSc and MSc Degrees are developed following a competence-based learning approach and taught in English by top international professors.

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