MPs donate beds to Omugo Girl’s SS

She donated 10 beds, which will be worked on by Omugo Technical Institute.

Terego: The members of parliament, under the umbrella of the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association, have donated 10 beds to Omugo Girl’s Secondary School in Terego district.

The donation comes after Acia Farida, the school head prefect, presented the challenge in her speech during the visit of the Uganda women parliamentary association at the school last week.

Farida says they sleep on the ground, which exposes them to reptiles and other problems.

The Terego woman Member of Parliament, Rose Obigah, says it’s time for action, and all stakeholders have to take responsibility for the education of the children.

She donated 10 beds, which will be worked on by Omugo Technical Institute.

The politician, however, advised learners to focus on education rather than other things that are not important.

“I’m bringing 10 beds; I’m liaising with Omugo Technical to work on the beds, and they should be quality beds. If the beds delay, it’s them.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Opendi, chairperson of Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association, donated ten more beds under their umbrella.

She urged parents to embrace education and, more so, encourage girls to remain in school.

“Parents who are here, it’s high time we protect and promote girl child education.

But I’m seeing girls at school where that one of the boys is. We need to empower both boys and girls so that, in the future, we will have better families. As UWOPA, we are donating 10 beds.”

Omugo Girls’ Secondary School has a total population of 45 students from senior one to senior four, and in the recently released examinations, the school got one first grade

Omugo Girls Secondary School is in Omugo Sub County, Terego District, under the stewardship of the Catholic Church.

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