Minister Mugasa tips civil servants on retirement

‘’When you clock 50 years, start planning for your retirement, or start planning immediately after joining public service.’’

Masindi: The Minister of State for Public Service, Grace Mary Mugasa, has challenged civil servants to always be prepared for their retirement.

Mugasa stresses that many civil servants don’t plan for their retirement early, attributing it to a hard life for civil servants after retirement. She also asserts that some civil servants tend to backdate their birthdays with the National Identity Card Registration Authority (NIRA) in order to delay their retirement.

She therefore advises civil servants to always plan for their retirement early, ten years before retirement or immediately after resuming public office.

‘’When you clock 50 years, start planning for your retirement, or start planning immediately after joining public service.’’

Minister Mugasa stressed that due to poor planning, some civil servants sell their property, like houses and land, in order to raise money to plan for their retirement, which she condemned.

She was speaking as a chief guest during the belated Labor Day celebrations for Masindi district held at Uganda Technical College Kyema.

Cosmas Byaruhanga, the Masindi district LCV chairman, however, said that the salary for civil servants isn’t adequate for them, stressing that this has forced some of them to either retire early or join non-governmental organizations.

‘’The salary for most civil servants isn’t adequate, and this has forced many of them, mostly of them, to retire early or join non-governmental organizations for better pay.’’

Byaruhanga asked the government, through the Ministry of Public Service, to consider studying further for the salary increment of civil servants since some of them, mostly teachers, have resorted to part-timing in boda boda riding to improve their income.

Clare Businge, the Masindi district labor officer, stresses that some civil servants lack support, mostly after retirement. She appeals to the government to consider supporting civil servants after retirement.

Dr. Stephen Opio Okiror, the commissioner of human resources at the Ministry of Labor, challenges the retiring civil servants to start income-generating activities like businesses to supplement their pension.

He also challenges the retiring civil servants to have financial discipline and minimize their expenses so that they don’t become a burden or beggar to their children or relatives when they retire from active public service.

‘’You shouldn’t spend like when you’re in public service. You should have financial discipline and plan early in order to not become a beggar or burden to your children or relatives,’’ he said.

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