Man arrested for defrauding Arua teachers of Ugx35M

His elaborate ruse involved claiming that the minister had dispatched him to Logiri Girls Secondary School with specific tasks.

Arua: In a shocking turn of events, a suspected conman has been apprehended for defrauding teachers at Logiri Girls Senior Secondary School in Arua district.

The incident unfolded in Logor Subcounty and dates back to September 2023, but it was officially reported to the police on January 16, 2024, by the school’s head mistress, Apio Lillian Tako.

Josephine Angucia, the West Nile Regional Police Spokesperson, identified the suspect as Aja Victor Adame, 43, a resident of Galuga Bukaya Village in Katabi Town Council Wakiso district.

The suspect cunningly presented himself as a staff member working with the Honorable Minister of State for Higher Education, Dr. Muyingo John Chrysestom.

His elaborate ruse involved claiming that the minister had dispatched him to Logiri Girls Secondary School with specific tasks.

Within the school premises, Adame spun a web of deceit. He assured the head teacher that he was on a mission to identify qualified teachers who were not on the government payroll. Additionally, he promised promotions and even hinted at the possibility of these teachers being appointed as head teachers.

Furthermore, he tantalizingly mentioned that the top four students in S.6 would receive government sponsorship for their university education.

Desperate Staff

The news of potential promotions and government support spread like wildfire among the school staff. 31 teachers, 3 nurses, and 1 lab attendant eagerly sought this supposed opportunity from the Ministry. Their desperation led them to comply with Adame’s demands.

The suspect’s audacity knew no bounds. He allegedly demanded a hefty sum of one million Ugandan shillings (UGX 1,000,000) from each of the 35 staff members.

This payment was supposedly the key to unlocking their professional advancement and securing their rightful place on the government payroll.

Tragically, after collecting the money, Adame vanished into thin air. He ceased answering calls from the head teacher and eventually switched off his phone. The disillusioned staff realized they had fallen victim to a heartless fraudster.

Legal Action

The headteacher promptly reported the incident to the Arua Vurra Central Police Station at Odumi. A case was registered under the charge of obtaining money by false pretense, involving a staggering sum of 35 million Ugandan shillings.

The diligent efforts of the OC CID Arua Vurra District CPS, Detective ASP Kalinaki Japher, led to Adame’s arrest and subsequent detention. 

Angucia said that the case of obtaining money by false pretence under station diary reference 17/16/01/2024 was opened at Arua Vurra District CPS.

She also asserted that an exhibit of two million Ugandan shillings (2,000,000/=) was recovered and kept at the police, as inquiries continue into the matter under Arua Vurra District CRB 078/2024.

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