Gulu School celebrates PLE 1st grades in 22 years

Established in 1989 under the Roman Catholic Church, Awornyim Primary School last recorded first grade in 2001

By Christopher Nyeko

Gulu: Awonyim primary school in Owoo sub-county Gulu district will hold a unique event on February 12, 2024, to celebrate the school’s first grade ever after 22 years.

The celebration has been organized in honor of two pupils who passed the first grade. Obama Daniel scored 11 aggregates. while Opak-Rwot Deogracious scored an aggregate of 12.

In 2023, Awonyim Primary registered a total of 24 candidates: two passed first grade, seven got second grade, six scored third grade, three got fourth grade, two failed exams, and four missed the examination.

The parents are considering the 2023 PLE results as record-breaking since the school has lasted for 22 years without recording any first-grade passes.

According to Amule Johnson, the school head teacher, the parents are now organizing a Thanksgiving prayer to praise God and celebrate their children for breaking the chain of failure by triumphing in the 2023 PLE.

Mr. Amule attributed their victory to hard work and teamwork by teachers, parents, school management committees, and learners amidst numerous challenges, including inadequate classrooms and staffing gaps, among others.

Established in 1989 under the Roman Catholic Church, Awornyim Primary School last recorded first grade in 2001.

However, Akello Jacqueline Ocowun, the Gulu district inspector of schools, reveals that the district registered a total of 1,888 candidates, of whom 34 got first grade, 683 got second grade, 550 got third grade, 320 got fourth grade, 257 failed exams, and 37 missed examinations.

Akello noticed improvement in the PLE result compared to the previous years; however, she encouraged the parents, teachers, and school management committee to work hard for improvement in the education sector.

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