Gulu City Council eulogizes Mrs. Lamunu, the education icon

In her motion, Olok described Mego, the late Lamunu Penina Pieramoi, as a great personality, mother, teacher, sister, and tutor.

By Christopher Nyeko

Gulu: The Gulu city council paid tribute on Friday to Mrs. Lamunu Penina Pieramoi, an educationist who served the Acholi subregion in promoting quality education.

The body wrapped in a white casket was rolled into Gulu City Council Hall at 1:38 for the council to pay their last respect.

This unusual council meeting was presided over by Akena Lambert Lamex, the Gulu city deputy speaker.

The motion for welcome to the council was moved by Angeyo Christine Olok, Gulu city deputy mayor, and the councilor representing the Workers League in Gulu city.

In her motion, Olok described Mego, the late Lamunu Penina Pieramoi, as a great personality, mother, teacher, sister, and tutor.

Hon. Morish Odong, the directly elected councilor V for Laroo-Pece division North constituency, says there is no word the man can choose to describe what a personality the late Lamunu was! , He cheered Lamunu for serving humanity and offering her home to serve a total of 14 dependent people, adding that she has gone if she can take care of 14 dependents and everybody is to embrace that humanitarian heart we would have not had and destitute in the street of Gulu city.

Susan Acan, the female councilor representing Laroo-Pece south constituency, proposed for the road to be named after the late Mego Lamunu in her memory.

Luboyo Doreen Aber, the councilor representing Bardege Layibi south constituency and secretary of health education and social services, remembered Lamunu as a champion in promoting quality education in Acholi, a well-mannered teacher, and a disciplined teacher with undisputable legacies.

Ogwetta Andrew Otto, the directly elected councilor for Laroo-Pece division, thanks God for the gift of life rendered to Mego Lamunu. In his submission, Ogwetta proposed a public lecture to discuss the education issues in Acholi while reflecting on the legacies set by the late Lamunu.

According to Ogwetta, Acholi sub-regions still transport their children to look for education in other sub-regions, as if we have no brains to offer quality education services to our children. The proposal is that one memorial block of classrooms should be built at Police Vanguard Primary School, where she served and retired from in 2018.

Samuel Oduny, the councilor representing an older person in Gulu City, cried that Lamunu’s demise has left a dark shadow in Acholi.

Geffrey Otim, the Pece-Laroo division mayor, assured mourners that the Laroo-Pece division is going to name the road after the late Lamunu, adding that the road must be 1 kilometer and above and will be fully maintained.

Pieramoi Henry Lawaok, the late husband, remembered his wife as humble as the caring mother he stayed with for 45 years.

He told the mourners that his wife died of cancer at Kampala International Hospital on November 4, 2023, at 5:30 in the presence of the doctors.

The late Lamunu was born on May 15, 1958, and died on November 4, 2023. She survived with four children and 14 dependents.

She studied at Kitgum public primary school in 1968–1974 PLE, and from 1975–1978 she studied her “O” level at Nabisunsa Girls SSS.

In 1980–1982, she joined Canon Lawrence Core PTC, where she was trained as a grade III teacher. Later,  in 1990–1992, Lamunu joined Unyama NTC for a diploma in secondary education.

In 2000–2003, I joined Makerere University for a bachelor in art education, administration, and early childhood development.

Lamunu taught in Kitgum primary school as a grade III teacher from 1979–1980 and in Pandwang primary school from 1984–1990.

From 1992 to 1994, she taught at Kitgum High School, among other schools. However, in 2001–2003, she was posted to Vanguard Primary School as acting head teacher.

Lamunu was a director of Mamma Catherine Nursery Primary School in Bajere, Ayul, and Laroo campuses, both in Kitgum municipality and Gulu city.

At the time she died, she was a member of the public account committee of Gulu City and was in many leadership positions in schools in the Acholi subregion.

Her body will be laid to rest in her home in Laroo Boke cell in Laroo-Pece division in Gulu city on Saturday (today) .

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