Two killed as mob attacks village over stolen cassava

The circumstances leading up to this horrific event are deeply disturbing.

Madi-Okollo: The tragic incident in Madi-Okollo District on April 15,2024, has left the community in shock.

According to reports, two individuals, Adia Santos and Amos Noah, both Madi by tribe and residents of Pajo Village, Oribu Parish, Offaka Sub County, were brutally murdered by a mob.

The circumstances leading up to this horrific event are deeply disturbing.

It all began when Yona and an unidentified accomplice from Ndebu village in Okollo town council allegedly stole cassava from Adia’s garden.

Yona was apprehended by local residents and taken to the Offaka Police Post, while his partner managed to escape.

However, tensions escalated due to longstanding land disputes between the two villages.

Josephine Angucia, the West Nile Regional Police Spokesperson, disclosed that in a violent turn of events, community members from Ndebu village, armed with pangas, knives, bows, and arrows, descended upon Pajo village.

‘’They mercilessly attacked the villagers, resulting in the deaths of Adia Santos and Amos Noah,’’ Angucia said, stressing that other individuals were also injured during the chaos, although the exact number remains unconfirmed.

The police swiftly responded by opening a murder case. They visited the scene, documented the evidence, and recorded statements from witnesses.

Angucia said that the bows and arrows used in the attack were exhibited as part of the investigation; additionally, the injured victims received medical attention, and the bodies of the deceased were transported to Nebbi General Hospital for postmortem examinations.

The regional police mouthpiece, however, said that as of now, no arrests have been made, but the investigation continues under the case reference Madi-okollo CRB 61/2024.

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