Why Bobi Wine will never be President of Uganda

Opinion:It will take Robert Kyagulanyicommonly known as Bobi Wine a multitude of effort to break the hell of chains ahead of him to become the president of Uganda.

Bobi Wine needs beyond God’s intervention if any to overturn the bad history and curse facing him ranging from tribe, religion and character.

Below is a look at the reasons why I think he will simply settle for a mere political challenger than taking up the most prestigious seat from the slick old well- oiled political Tactician.

Buganda factor. This is one of the biggest obstacles. The rivalry which existed between Buganda and other tribes ranging from pre and post independence Uganda has never healed. Buganda’s collaboration with the colonialists soured their relationships with other tribes like the organised Bunyoro under king Kabalega who resisted the British occupation of his kingdom for so long as well as the less organised tribes in northern, eastern and western Uganda.

Ranging from Obote, everything the leaders try to do unite Uganda is subotaged by powerful Baganda traditionalists despite appointing majority of their people in government. Forexample, after Obote’s UPC making a coalition with Buganda’s KabakaYeka (KY) ” King Alone” Buganda Traditionalists undermined it forcing obote to break it and conducting a the November 1964 referendum which saw Bunyoro regain it’s counties of Buyaga and Bugangaizi.

The subsequent events saw the occurrence of the 1966 Buganda crisis and aborrogation of the the constitution in 1967 which saw Uganda becoming a republican state. Such wounds have never healed and the history doesn’t give Bobi Wine any chance.

Similarly, the arrogance and superiority complex of Buganda Traditionalists has manifested it self of late where we have seen them leading splits and fightings in political parties forexample in DP, FDC as well as the creation of the Kibuli based faction of moslems.

This Buganda factor was clearly demonstrated in the previous elections which saw Bobi wine’s victory in Buganda scooping most of the parliamentary seats but emerging very weak and un popular in all other parts of the country. Practically, it becomes impossible to win the presidential race with out convincing the other parts of the country, which are the majority to join you.

Bobi Wine lacks vision and a broad national approach. He doesn’t have clear domistic and foreign policy ideologies. This was clearly demonstrated by the theAnti homosexuality act where he kept silent up to now for fear of annoying the promoters who are seemingly his funders. The NRM’s septuagenarian leader and a master tactician showed alot of braveness in protecting our culture which is under great threat from the west by signing it.

Religion. The legacy of colonial policies continue to be felt in present day Uganda and has played an important role in political developments and dominance since independence. Given the fact that our colonial masters were Anglicans, their influence will give no space to Kyagulanyi become president. The imperialists clearly trade through this and it favours the master tactician to continue or General Muhoozi to ascend to power.

Outlandish Character. NUP is characterized by hooliganism from top to bottom. Supporters have on several occasions attacked and abused people who don’t believe in them.  The top leaders on numerous occasions have just kept quiet, an indication that they support the hooliganism.

They once attacked DrBesigye while at CBS in a bid to drag him out of the so called lead struggle and creat way for theirs who is undoubtedly bamboozled by glitz.

Lack of party structures. For any political party to assume the highest office, it must have established roots from bottom to top. But NUP is a pocket run party with out roots. It’s more of a pressure group which can fade and die anytime.

They have no clear ideology other than cool cheap, transitory based on a narrow conception of glitz. He seems satisfied when falsely called president hence resting in his Laurels. When he goes to public and causes some excitement mostly in Urbancentres, he feels he is the president.

The writer is Mubiru George, a Jinja-based researcher and NRM mobilizer.

Disclaimer: As UG Reports Media LTD, we welcome any opinion from anyone if it’s constructive for the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not those of UG Reports Media Ltd. but of the author of the article.

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