Who is Wode Maya?, net worth, and countries visited

His content revolves around showcasing the beauty, diversity, and untold stories of Africa.

Tourism: Wode Maya, whose real name is Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon was born on March 3, 1990, is a Ghanaian YouTube personality, vlogger, digital media influencer, and aeronautical engineer. His moniker, Wode Maya, translates to “My Mother” in Chinese.

Born on March 3, 1990, in Ahekofi, Ghana, he grew up in a village called Kofikrom in the western region of the country.

Maya, now 33 years old, is a Pisces by zodiac sign. His journey to success has been shaped by his unique experiences and insights, both locally and internationally.

Maya’s YouTube channel, which he started while studying in China, has garnered millions of subscribers.

His influence extends beyond the African continent, making him one of the most influential YouTubers globally.


After completing secondary school in Ghana, Maya embarked on an educational journey to China in 2012.

Initially, he was set to study in the UK on a scholarship, but visa issues led him to China instead.

He enrolled at Shenyang Aerospace University, pursuing a degree in aeronautical engineering.

His experiences in China and other African countries fueled his captivating YouTube content, which now boasts over 500,000 subscribers and millions of views.

Wode Maya’s story from a Ghanaian village to a global influencer inspires many to embrace his unique paths and share our narratives with the world.

Early Life

Wode Maya hails from Ahekofi in Kofikrom, a village in the western region of Ghana.

He attended the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).

While still a student, he began vlogging in China, sharing his experiences.

Later, he quit his job as an aeronautical engineer to focus on his YouTube channel.

His videos cover various topics, including life in China, travel, and interviews with entrepreneurs, celebrities, and ordinary people across Africa.

In 2021, he ventured into real estate, establishing ‘CHARLIEMAG Estate’ in East Legon.

Wode Maya gained global recognition and is acclaimed as one of the most influential YouTubers in Africa.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Wode Maya’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1.5 million. His primary source of income is his successful YouTube channel, where he shares captivating stories, cultural insights, and travel adventures.

Wode Maya joined YouTube on January 10, 2013, under the channel name “MrGhanaBaby.” His content revolves around showcasing the beauty, diversity, and untold stories of Africa.

His engaging videos have resonated with viewers worldwide, contributing significantly to his net worth.

In addition to YouTube earnings, Wode Maya has ventured into the real estate sector, establishing his own company. This diversification allows him to explore multiple avenues for financial growth.

Wode Maya’s journey from a Ghanaian village to a global influencer exemplifies the power of digital media and the opportunities it presents.

His impact extends beyond entertainment, as he continues to inspire and educate audiences about Africa’s rich heritage and potential.

His family

Wode Maya grew up with his parents in Ahekofi. Although he is best known as Wode Maya, he is also affectionately nicknamed “Mr. Ghana Baby” due to his excellent vlogging skills.

Despite not coming from a wealthy background, he takes pride in his family. In fact, he celebrated his mother’s 60th birthday on Instagram, sharing a heartfelt photo and caption.

Wode Maya has a sister, although her details remain undisclosed to the public.

Personal Life

He is married to Miss Trudy, a Kenyan YouTuber.

Wode Maya donated $10,000 to transform a dumpsite into a park, inspired by a man in Kwahu.

In 2021, he raised funds to support the educational needs of 100 children.


In February 2022, he won the Online Creator of the Year award at the Entertainment Achievement Award.

Wode Maya’s captivating content and commitment to positive impact have made him a prominent figure in the digital space!

How he became famous

Wode Maya rose to fame through his captivating YouTube content and unwavering commitment to showcasing Africa’s beauty, culture, and untold stories.

While studying in China, Wode Maya began vlogging about his experiences, sharing insights into life, culture, and travel.

His relatable content resonated with viewers, especially those interested in China-Africa relations.

Wode Maya’s unique perspective as an African living abroad allowed him to bridge cultural gaps and dispel stereotypes.

He highlighted the positive aspects of both China and Africa, fostering understanding and appreciation.

His interviews with entrepreneurs, celebrities, and ordinary people across Africa gained attention.

Wode Maya focused on uplifting stories, shedding light on unsung heroes, and inspiring individuals.

Authenticity and Impact

His authenticity and genuine passion for Africa endeared him to viewers.

Wode Maya’s commitment to positive impact, philanthropy, and community development set him apart.

Over time, his channel gained subscribers globally, making him one of the most influential YouTubers in Africa.

Awards and accolades followed, including the Online Creator of the Year award at the Entertainment Achievement Awards in 2022.

In summary, Wode Maya’s dedication to storytelling, cultural exchange, and celebrating Africa’s richness propelled him to fame, inspiring countless viewers along the way!

Countries visited

As of now, he has visited over 20 African Countries and interviewed approximately 200 personalities who are making remarkable contributions to the continent.

His journey began in Ghana to China for studies, therefore visited  Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Togo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Namibia among others.

He has traveled extensively across the continent, connecting with people, exploring cultures, and sharing their stories. Although the exact list of countries isn’t provided, it’s safe to say that he has covered a substantial portion of Africa.

Wode Maya’s commitment to promoting Africa’s beauty, diversity, and untold stories through his engaging videos is commendable. His impact extends beyond entertainment, inspiring viewers worldwide to appreciate the richness of African heritage and potential.

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