VIDEO! Drama as Masindi doctor wrestles with chapati seller

Its alleged that the hospital canteen belongs to Dr. Katusiime's wife and that she has been incurring losses due to the food hawkers.

Masindi: A peculiar altercation unfolded at the district general hospital involving Dr. Vincent Katusiime, the Masindi general hospital medical superintendent, and a determined chapatti seller.

The video, which quickly gained notoriety over the weekend, captures the chapatti seller near the hospital’s second gate engaging in a heated exchange with Dr. Katusiime. The situation escalated when she slapped him on the right cheek.

Dr. Katusiime, not one to back down, retaliated by grabbing the woman’s neck and wrestling her to the ground. The intensity of the struggle prompted onlookers to intervene and separate the combatants.

The root cause of this bizarre encounter lies in the chapatti trade. Apparently, the woman had sent her daughter to sell chapati on Good Friday, March 29, 2024.

However, the hospital ‘askari’ confiscated the chapatti bucket, citing a hospital policy that prohibits selling food within the premises.

Ms. Nanyombi Harriet, a resident of Western Ward in the Central Division of Masindi Municipality, recounted her experience. She had sent her daughter to sell chapatti as usual during the Easter holiday.

When her daughter returned home empty-handed, she learned that the hospital askari (security personnel) had seized the chapatti bucket on orders from Dr. Katusiime.

Determined to reclaim her property, Ms. Nanyombi visited the hospital. She was informed that Dr. Katusiime was still at home around 9 a.m.

When he finally arrived, she requested her bucket be returned. However, the doctor allegedly bluntly informed her that selling food within the hospital premises was strictly prohibited.

Ms. Nyanyombi pleaded for forgiveness and vowed not to sell chapati in the hospital again. But Dr. Katusiime allegedly remained unyielding, responding with insulting words rather than a resolution.

Ms. Nyanyombi’s plea for forgiveness and her promise to refrain from selling chapatti within the hospital premises fell on deaf ears.

Instead, Dr. Vincent Katusiime, allegedly unyielding and perhaps fueled by frustration, hurled insults at her.

This verbal exchange escalated into a physical altercation, resulting in Ms. Nyanyombi’s arrest and subsequent detention at Masindi Central Police Station for approximately three days.

Eventually, she faced a court sentence of 30 hours of community service.

Curiously, when we attempted to seek Dr. Katusiime’s perspective, he initially claimed to be busy and deferred our call.

Even after the passage of two hours, our repeated attempts to contact him went unanswered.

Its alleged that the hospital canteen belongs to Dr. Katusiime’s wife and that she has been incurring losses due to the food hawkers.

CAO reacts

The Masindi District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Ms. Sanyu Phiona has taken decisive action following a video clip that circulated publicly.

The footage captured Dr. Vincent Katusiime, the hospital medical superintendent, embroiled in a physical altercation with other individuals within the hospital premises.

The CAO’s letter, dated April 16, 2024, addressed to Dr. Katusiime, outlines the gravity of the situation and demands an explanation.

Dr. Katusiime is accused of acting in a manner that brings the service into disrepute, engaging in a fight at the workplace, and potentially violating conflict-of-interest guidelines.

The CAO invokes sections F-r and F-s of the public service standing orders 2022, compelling Dr. Katusiime to provide a detailed explanation within fourteen days.

Failure to comply will result in disciplinary proceedings without further input.

The incident has drawn widespread condemnation from the public, including non-governmental organizations operating in the district.

CAO’s letter to Dr. Katusiime.

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