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URA officials condemned for shooting Deejay dead in West Nile

He says Deejay Mosh was neither a fuel dealer nor a smuggler, but he met his death while at his workplace, where he has been operating his saloon business.

By Moses Alinda

Madi Okollo: The Madi Okollo entertainment industry in upper Madi County, Madi Okollo district, has condemned the barbaric acts of the URA enforcement team, which left one of their own dead during enforcement in Okollo town council on Wednesday afternoon.

Acidri Moses, commonly known as Deejay Mosh in the Madi Okollo entertainment industry, a resident of Pamachi village, Adra parish in Offaka Sub County, succumbed to gunshot wounds at Nebbi main hospital after he was shot dead in the stomach by an URA enforcement team that rained bullets on civilians in Okollo town council on Wednesday afternoon.

Asega Robert, commonly known as Mr. Giant in the entertainment industry, the chairperson of the upper Madi performing industry, says the fallen deejay was one of the ambassadors of Madi Okollo music, and wherever he would move, he would promote Madi Okollo music first.

He says Deejay Mosh was neither a fuel dealer nor a smuggler, but he met his death while at his workplace, where he has been operating his saloon business.

He has condemned the acts of the enforcement team and appealed to the enforcers to know how to handle their operation tactics, especially in the rural community.

Anguaja Elisha, commonly known as A Elis, a legendary musician in Madi Okollo district, says the death of their deejay has left a big blow in the entertainment industry.

He advises Ugandan revenue to move into villages and sensitize the community to the importance of paying taxes rather than terrorizing the locals when they are not aware of what to do.

Meanwhile, Ojama Isa, commonly known as OJ management, says that as the entertainment team in Madi Okollo, after the burial, they will have a meeting to see how to support and follow up on the death of their colleague in the industry because Deejay Mosh has left a kid who needs support from everyone.

He advises the revenue authority to emphasize community sensitization and open more branches in rural areas where taxpayers can easily access them in case they want to make payments and have more information on tax payments.

Efforts to get a comment from Pariyo Jaffar, also known as Baby Scorpion, the president of Westnile Artists, based in Kampala, went futile as his known phone number was not available by the time of publication.

Acidri Moses, aka Deejay Mosh, is to be laid to rest on Saturday at their ancestral home in Pamachi village, Adra parish, Offaka Sub County, Madi Okollo district.

The Madi Okollo entertainment industry comprises performing artists, deejays, masters of ceremonies, producers, event organizers, artist managers, and promoters, among others.

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