Two arrested for bribing police officer to kill murder case

They not only took his life but also demolished his house and set fire to all his belongings. 

Arua: On Sunday, April 14, 2024, at around 4:30pm, the police in Arua City apprehended two individuals who attempted to bribe the officer in charge of the Crime Investigation Department (OC CID) with a sum of two million Ugandan shillings (UGX 2,000,000) in order to quash a murder case.

The arrested suspects are Ajikia Annet, a 28-year-old wife of the murder suspect, Onzima Innocent, and Nyakuta Brian, a 22-year-old bodaboda rider.

Both reside in Nyio Village, Nyio Parish, Vurra Subcounty, Arua District.

The murder case in question revolves around the alleged killing of Arijole Alido on December 17, 2023. Arijole was murdered by his brother, Onzima Innocent, and other clan members.

They not only took his life but also demolished his house and set fire to all his belongings. After committing this heinous act, they dumped Arijole’s body into a pit latrine, accusing him of being wealthy due to his supposed affiliation with the ‘illuminati’.

The West Nile Regional Police Spokesperson, Josephine Angucia narrates that following the murder, all the suspects fled to the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to evade justice.

Angucia said that the case was officially registered under Arua Vurra District Central Police Station (CPS) with reference number CRB 239/2023 for the murder and SD reference 13th December 2023 for the malicious damage and arson.

‘’When the suspects learned that the former OC CID, Detective ASP Maloba Moses, had been transferred and replaced by Detective ASP Kalinaki Japhar, they decided to return to their homes from DRC,’’ she said.

However, upon their return, they attempted to bribe the new OC CID with the intention of securing the release of their relative, Onzima Innocent.

The current OC CID, Detective ASP Kalinaki Japher, promptly ordered their arrest and detention. A case of bribing a police officer on duty was registered under SD reference 16/14/04/2024.

Statements were obtained from both suspects and witnesses, and the recovered amount of UGX 2,000,000 was exhibited as evidence.

The case file was subsequently forwarded to the Resident State Attorney (RSA) for further action.

On Monday, April 15, 2024, the suspects were taken to Arua Court to answer for the offense of bribing a police officer.

Additionally, the murder case involving Onzima Innocent was also sanctioned, and he was brought to court to face charges related to the murder.

The two individuals who risked bribing the OC were subsequently taken to Arua Magistrates Court to answer for the offense of bribing a police officer.

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