SAD! Stray elephants kill woman in Buliisa

Cases of human-wildlife conflicts are on the rise in the oil-rich Buliisa district, as some go unreported.

Buliisa: Shock and grief engulfed residents of Kichooke Village in Bugana Parish, Buliisa sub-county, Buliisa district, after stray elephants attacked and killed a 28-year-old woman.

The deceased, identified as Bridget Katulinde, a resident of the above address, was attacked by stray elephants on Monday  March 25, 2024 at around 11 p.m.

Godwin Kyosaba, who was with the deceased, told that the deceased met her death when they were heading to pursue the stray elephants that were destroying their crops in the garden.

Kyosaba disclosed that while they were moving, the deceased was attacked by elephants, which left her battling with heavy wounds all over her body.

‘’As we were going to chase the stray elephants, Katulinde was behind us; the stray elephants trampled on her, and she was left unconscious.’’

Kabagambe Kamanda, the Chairperson LC3 for Buliisa subcounty, confirmed the incident and said the deceased was pronounced dead after being rushed to Buliisa general hospital.

The chairperson, however, implored the government to speed up fencing off Murchison Falls National Park, where wild animals stray to human settlements, resulting in human-wildlife conflict that leaves people dead and their property and crops destroyed.

This is the second human death caused by the incursion of elephants in Buliisa Sub County since this year commenced, though there were other incidents in the previous years.

We could not get a comment from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Spokesperson, Bashir Hangi, by the time of publication since he didn’t respond to our repeated phone calls.

In February this year, a decomposing body of a herdsman identified as Benon Mpairwe was recovered after an elephant attacked and killed him at Waiga Village in Bugana Parish, Buliisa Sub-county in Buliisa District.

Cases of human-wildlife conflicts are on the rise in the oil-rich Buliisa district, as some go unreported.

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