Returnees describe how their home, relatives were before their abduction

Gulu: The returnees who came home with their families
have started recalling how their home was in the past and
who were their relatives and guardians.
Their story have been transcribed by our reporter as
follows. This is to help their relative trace them to home.
1. Oceng Simon from Labala Parish in Pabo who hails
from Palwong Kiro clan, recalls his father called Kwia
Alfred and the mother Christina Amoyo. He was abducted
in 1996 from Laminlwak P.7 school. He returned with one
wife and four children.
2. Olyeti Patrick from Atiak Parwaca, recalls his mother
Aol Christine and the father Late Ojara who died before
Olyeti was abducted. His clan is called Acut ma ngute
His uncles are Aguma, Lapat Kilama Owor and Lik. His
mother hails from Atiak Parwaca which is fond of banana
farming. By the time of his abduction, he was a total
orphan and he was living with the man who had previously
taken care of his mother called Major Komakech. Olyepi

was abducted in 1997. He returned with one wife and a
3. Okello Simon from Pabo in Otong Pageya. His grand
father was called Abdulinu Oting. His father is Consantino
Oboma and the mother is Jiria Akwongo who was nick
named Amoo. He was abducted in 1994 while in P.3 from
Pageya Otong Primary School. His grand father is the one
who gave land for the tobacco society in Pabo. His brother
is Opiyo Richard, Odong Denis and Acen. He returned
with one wife and four children.
4. Komakech James from Atiak Parwaca. The father is
Akena Cipriano and the mother is Bicentina Lamunu. His
brother is Obwona Moses, Otto Bitime. He was abducted
in 2000 while in P.6 from Pongdwongo. He returned with
one wife and four children. He had a sisters namely; Atoo
Nelly, Laker Christine and Lapica Florence.
5. Acaye Doctor from Pabo Centre. His father is called
Olal Adriko Ladit and the mother is Acayo Esther Oeki
while the grand father is Obwoya Lumacina of Pabo Kal.
Acaye's brother is Okoya Venterino and Akule of Pabo.
His cousin brother is called Lakwonyero and his sisters
are; Abwoyo Rose and Aciro both from Patiko Pugwinyi.
These sisters of his were all married at the time of his
He noted that his other relatives is Adok Beatrice married
in Patiko in the home  next to that of the Late Captain
Odyera Tingwic.

Acaye said His aunt is Aloyo Labol.
He was abducted in 1992 while studying in P.2 at Agoli
P.7 School.
He returned with one wife and seven children.
He however has two wives, but His elder wife, a mother of
five whose four children returned alongside with their
father remained in Central African Republic because she
gave birth to their fifth born on the eve of the journey.
Abcaye's wife will return later with General Owili who is in
charge of the relocation.
6. Kidega from Laliya Tol Manwang in Gulu District. The
aunt who took care of him is called Akumu Christine. The
children of his aunt were Ocan Peter, Oryema Walter and
Arop Paklaki. His aunt raised him as an orphan. His
cousin sister is Jeniffer Adokorach.
He was abducted in 2000 while studying P.5 from Laliya
P.7 School. His uncle is Kilama Bosco whose wife is
Akumu Beatrice. His uncle's child is Richard Odoki
Olweny. Kidega returned with one wife and seven
children. His other wife remained in Central African
7. Acaye Yiko from Aswa, Unyama Parish, Paicho Sub
County, Ngom Rom village. His father is Okot Ayoli Ikamo
and the mother is Apiyo Ruth. His grandfather is

Bongomin Paul whose father is Adonia Nyeko. The
brothers to his father are; Kidega Amoru, Okuch
Komakech, OjaraToolit. All the brothers to his father were
Government soldiers by then. Another brother to his father
is called Anywar Tyengi. The mother to his father is called
Josephina Aciro. He was abducted in 1995 while studying
P.5 at Pakwelo P.7 School. He returned with one wife and
two children. His clan is Alokolum from Wii Anaka but the
family had lived in Ngom Rom for a long time.
8. Ongom James from Koch Ongako Min Lawino in Omoro
District. His father is Ojok Bazilio and the mother is Oyella
Mary. He was abducted together with his brother in 1996
while in P.4 from Lamin Lawino P.7 School. His abducted
brother was called Olweny Albino. Olweny however died
while they were still in the bush. The brother to his father
is called Oola Peter Lapur pe Tur. He returned with one
wife and two children.
9. Komakech Patrick Oyul was abducted in 1996 from
Dyewor village, Lamola Parish, Amida West Sub County in
Kitgum District. He was abducted alongside his brother
Ocitti David who died in the bush. At the time of his
abduction, Komakech was in P.5 at Victoria Central
Primary School located in Lulojo. He returned with his wife
and a child.
10. Ocira James was abducted from Pamolo Parish,
Labongo Layamo Sub County in 2003. By then, he was in
P.3 at ~Lupur~ Ayuma Primary School. He returned with
two wives and two children.

11. Wokorach Simon Tabu who hails Akobi Parish, Omiya
Anyima Sub County Kitgum District was abducted in 2003
while he was a pupil at Ayuma Primary School. He
returned with two wives and four children.
12. Olanya Richard Mobile was abducted in 2003 from
Obwore while in P.4 at Lupur Primary School. He left all
his three wives and children in Central Africa Republic.
13. Mujio Patrick from Nakasongola District was abducted
in 2005 from Jira Bandi in DR Congo.
14. Pascal Adohe, a Congolese national was abducted in

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