Religious leaders challenged to preach wealth creation message

‘’Some churches operate 24/7, and I wonder at what time the followers work.’’

Masindi: SSP Cyprian Okino, Deputy Head of Community Policing Department in the Uganda Police Force, has asked religious leaders in Masindi district to preach the message of wealth creation.

Okino was speaking recently during the Masindi district community policing meeting held at Masindi Education Hall.

He stressed that some churches operate 24/7 and throughout the week, wondering at what time the believers work. ‘’Some churches operate 24/7, and I wonder at what time the followers work.’’

The police officer said that when the message of wealth creation is preached, it will improve the household income of believers as well as the income of religious institutions.

He said that it disheartens to have followers who can’t even contribute towards the development of the religious institution, like in offering tithe and offertory.

‘’You can’t lead poor people; they will become a problem. Religious leaders encourage their followers to work hard instead of spending the whole day in church praying.’’

Okino said that believers can as well join government programs such as Emyooga, the Parish Development Model (PDM), and UWEP, among others, to improve their household income instead of spending the whole day at church praying.

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