Rampant pig theft worries Masindi leaders

He disclosed that the public is on alert to kill the suspected pig thieves, stressing that the vice is alarming.

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Masindi: Leaders in Masindi are worried over the increased cases of pig theft in the municipality.

In an effort to combat the vice, the leaders and security team convened a meeting on Wednesday involving the pork joint operators at Terrace Lounge Gardens.

Patrick Alinaitwe, the LC2 Chairperson for Western Ward in Central Division, told the members that they are receiving complaints from the public over the increased vice of pig theft.

‘’We are receiving complaints from the public; they steal pigs and sell them to you. We convened this meeting to warn you against buying stolen pigs because they put you in trouble.’’

In order to curb the vice, Alinaitwe directed the issuance of a transaction letter. ‘’The area chairpersons should always issue transaction letters, and this will curb the vice of pig theft in our area.’’

Simon Peter Kahwa, the LC1 Chairperson of Kijura North Cell, disclosed that the public is on alert to kill the suspected pig thieves, stressing that the vice is alarming.

Moses Kugonza, the LC1 Chairperson of Kihande 1 Cell, asserted that thieves go with motorcycles and take off with people’s pigs. ‘’In our area, thieves always come with motorcycles, take off with people’s pigs, and think the issuance of transaction letters will curb the vice.’’

James Munaku, the LC1 Chairperson of Kijura Central Cell, warned the pork operators against slaughtering pigs at night, stressing that it was one of the vices promoting theft in the area.

He also asked the municipal authorities to identify slaughtering slabs in order to improve hygiene and minimize theft cases.

Julius Isingoma, the deputy town clerk for the central division, asked the security to join hands and work together with the area chairpersons to ensure the vice is curbed.

He stressed that such vices affect the implementation of government programs like PDM.

Isaac Bongomin, the LC3 Chairperson for Central Division, said the division has enough land, and they will identify one to act as the slaughtering slab for pork joint operators.

AIP Robinah Babyesiza, Community Liaison Officer (CLO) at Masindi Central Police Station, said they would resume the operation against theft that was rolled out last year in the cattle corridor subcounties like Mirya and Kijunjubwa when the cattle theft was rampant in the district.

Babyesiza asked the area chairpersons to work in hand with security to ensure the vice is curbed and those with cases at the police to follow them up, stressing that in most cases, suspects are released due to complainants failing to follow up.

Poor hygiene

On the same note, pork joint operators have been challenged to improve their hygiene if they are to get customers.

Munaku stresses that most pork joint operators are operating in an unhygienic environment, which has prompted some customers to seek services elsewhere.

Alinaitwe suggested the pork operators establish one slaughtering slab instead of slaughtering pigs in the areas where they operate.

Isingoma asserted that he will instruct the health team to carry out operations on the pork joint operators targeting those operating in unhygienic environments.

He also noted that those working in pork joints are supposed to be medically examined before being employed, stressing that they put clients’ lives in danger.

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