Police arrest 20 in crackdown on criminals in Arua

This operation took place on Monday, April 15, and Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

Arua: The territorial police in Arua City, specifically the Central Business Division, recently carried out a successful crackdown on criminals.

With the assistance of community leaders, they apprehended 20 suspected criminals in the heart of Arua City.

This operation took place on Monday, April 15, and Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

Despite previous law enforcement efforts during the 2023 festive season, certain hardcore criminals and their ringleaders managed to evade capture and continued to engage in robbery and theft within the city.

Interestingly, many of the suspects who were previously arrested and taken to court faced lighter charges, resulting in relatively short prison sentences, often no more than three months.

Unfortunately, this leniency allowed some of them to return to their communities and resume their criminal activities. Additionally, those who were bailed out rejoined their accomplices, who were still at large.

In response to this ongoing criminal activity, the Bodaboda riders (motorcycle taxi operators) in Arua City, under their leadership, collaborated with the police and local leaders.

The West Nile Regional Police Spokesperson, Josephine Angucia, said that together, they compiled a list of 29 suspected criminals, including five ring leaders.

Armed with this information, they assisted the police in apprehending the 20 individuals who were part of the blacklist.

Angucia identified the suspects as Kawawa Rashid, Ashad Shafiq (alias Jerry), Ahmed Oguna, Gadaffi Rashid, Bakiti Abbasi, Kuno Tom, Rajab Rashul, Munguci Peter, and Mambo Issa.

Others are Abdu Wahab, Andama Rashid, Farid Hassan, Bashir Rajab, Kambale Fisto, Drabe Festo, Ocatre Saviour, Ratib Bashir, Mujaid Ratib, Richard Banduni, and Atandu Geoffrey.

Angucia disclosed that during the arrests, various exhibits were recovered from the suspects, including pangas, knives, nailed sticks, marijuana, and suspected stolen motorcycles.

Some victims have also stepped forward to identify these arrested individuals in connection with earlier cases of robberies and thefts reported to the police.

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