PLE results: UNEB holds 2023 results for 5 schools in Gulu

These 411 candidates are part of 4,565 candidates who last year sat for their PLE at 68 examination centers in Gulu City.

By Christopher Nyeko

Gulu: A total of 411 pupils from Gulu City who sat for the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) last year do not know their fate as the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) continues to hold the results of five schools from the city.

These 411 candidates are part of 4,565 candidates who last year sat for their PLE at 68 examination centers in Gulu City.

The five affected schools are Pece Pawel Primary School, Lukome (Lawiyeadul) Primary School, Obiya (St. Moritz) Primary School, Wi-aworanga Primary School, and Pakwelo Primary School.

Aber Prosscovia, the Gulu City inspector of schools, told this publication on Monday that the affected schools are those that have not paid for amendment fees, which are fifty thousand shillings for any candidate that had omissions and errors on his particulars, such as the candidate’s name, index number, and age, while other schools have not paid for that candidate’s work report, which is ten thousand shillings only per school.

According to Aber, the number of affected schools has reduced from 27 as of Thursday last week after some schools cleared their pending invoices; hence, they were given access to download the results for their candidates.

She revealed that, for instance, UNEB is demanding a total of one hundred thousand shillings from Wi-Aworanga primary school for correcting the names of their two learners that were wrongly written. Aber says the head teacher of the school has paid the money, and now they are waiting for approval from UNEB.

Kijange Denis Oyet, the deputy head teacher at Favor of God primary school, whose candidates sat from Obiya (St. Maritz) Primary School, but results are also held at UNEB, told this publication that they are receiving a lot of phone calls from the parents who are concerned about the results of their children.

Gulu City has a total of 72 examination centers, but last year, four centers, including Grace Christian School, Laroo-Boarding Primary School, SOS, and Mercy Village, did not register any candidates, leaving the city with 68 active examination centers.

The results revealed by Aber Prosscovia indicate that out of 4,154 candidates whose results have been successfully downloaded, 874 pupils passed first grade, 2,196 pupils passed second grade, 626 got third grades, 281 got fourth grade, 125 failed examinations, and 52 missed examinations.

Aber, however, appeals to the parents who have not seen the results of their children to remain calm, saying they are in contact with UNEB.

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