Patriots can defeat money and greedy machines can be defeated by their human slaves on Thursday

The world of Africans no longer has morals but we live for Work and Money only.

Op-Ed: According to Ugandan Labour laws in the 1995 constitution as derived from the ILO of the United Nation, an adult human Must never work for more than 48 hours per week. That is, 8 by 6 days. A child (below 18) years can work but not when the chore is-

  1. Hazardous e.g Spraying chemicals, driving, operating machinery, holding a Weapon etc
  2. Blocking the child from formal Education as stipulated by both laws.
  3. Involving Working for more than 2 Hours a day.

Yet even 2 hours appears too much for a child even for simple chores such as playing a guitar.

So where does the 48 come from? Why not 96 or 40 like we have suggested above? The answer lies in simple meaningless modern standardization of labour. When Africans were colonized by those who use the Julian Calendar and with their Julian behaviours of labour (culture), there was nothing else to expect from those they subdued, we. But there is no evidence that Working MORE hours causes more profits (yield) but only efficiency of TIME and Machines can. That is where Uganda needs to be, efficient in quality of labour than quantity.

In a typical traditional African setting among the Bakiga people of Uganda for example, the laborers wake up at 5 O’clock in the Morning and go work in the garden up to around 10 AM in the morning when the Sun begins to harshen.

The rest of the day is used for family unions and bonding,  managing the estate as well as networking to keep the society united. We never used to work (or neither do 68% of rural UGANDANs today) like slaves for 48 hours yet we are still alive today. So,, less than 5 man (woman) hours of work per day has been enough to sustain Africans for millennia.

I still don’t see why they can’t be 5 or less once again as Africans of Today may need more time doing other lacking society building activities different from merely  earning Cash from their labour to survive. We are Now LOST and there is no time to be sane anymore as it’s all about work, work, money. There is no time to be a Patriot and neither is there anytime to be a Pan African.

There is no time to love and to forgive and to reconcile. There is no time to visit friends and families like we used to do on the festivals as people look for Money even on IDD and X-MAS day and even on Independence and even Labour Day.

We often hear modern poorly paid slaves brag that “the Japanese Sleep for only 4 hours a day, see how they have developed “….!

Developed with trillions of dollars as DEBT to forward to their children as inheritance? Well that is what this misplaced Modern Labour system we have adopted ultimately leads to.

As if it’s a Talking Point. That is why your BED is more beautiful than anything you possess. To sleep well and enough.

To all mammals,   Sleep is more important than Work for starters as you need Enough Sleep to deliver sensible work related results.  Work without enough ‘doing nothing” can be a bigger problem.

As man is a muscular animal which needs to exercise and have the body exposed to different varieties of postures, stresses and even challenges per day, drudgery of labour due to monotony is evidently one of the reasons African Labor is not that Productive. People go to work for very Long and while there, they do nothing either way. Because they are stressed and tired of even life itself

Alex Mukulu, before his famous play begun when I was in the audience, “30 years of Bananas”, he begins by talking about “Miniaturization”. And a woman says, “Faza agambye tuyambale Mini”,,,

Mukulu then proceeds to sensitize her that in the days “before Bananas” (he means Gen Museveni’s administration up to 1700), an African Man needed Square Miles of land to ever make MONEY (profit) , but today, only a MINI OFFICE with one desk and a computer  is enough to make any Human a Billionaire.

He was simply enlightening his audience on the need to adopt to new Labour as well as Asset utilization rules so as to Survive in a new age.

Reducing (Resisting) ‘excessive man hours’ needed as a fuel to fan this wanton and greedy global capitalist Industrial machinery (complex) which gulps labuor like “Gonya” (crocodile swallowing leg of Antelope)  in Africa is a way to Go,, if Africans really need the TIME to Discover themselves , once again.

In short,  only 8 hours of Work per Day from Each African Human of working age (above 18 on the general), for about 3- 4 days is ENOUGH for Humans to Grow at the Speed of Light. This is assuming efficiency and no Waste, at all levels of that Human society.

For the sake of miniaturization, I shall zero down to the lowest typical original human society still prevalent among our Batwa people of Uganda. The BATWA are the only ancient African tribe alongside the Hadza of Tanzania, The ‘Bushmen’ of Southern Africa and some near extinct tribe in Ethiopia. (Feel free to read more.) Studying these successful humans and how they behave in the past and today can give us benchmark for how to organize Human labour, as theirs is the Best anyway.

Surviving INTACT for hundreds of Thousands of Years, while ALL the other human groups and even Empires and great languages like LATIN have collapsed is not a kid’s joke.  If Survival is the mission of life, then a mutwa is therefore more resilient in all aspects  under the face of the Sun than any other civilization, tribe, empire, organization, religion, culture etc,  you have ever read or heard about.

A Mutwa ideally wakes up to go lay the traps, and to hunt bush meat which is now scarce due to climate change and Central Govt Regulation. Bit still they eat. He/she needs just 2 hours of work on average due to efficiency and expertise of skills borrowed from ancient days of success.

It doesn’t matter that everything has changed. But all has been changing for thousands of years, those who called themselves Civilized all Collapsed, not the BATWA civilization.

Other Ugandans therefore are OVERWORKING, but not the original BATWA who tend to be very healthy albeit the HIV that is forced upon them by more ‘modern’ human groups who infect them backed by a superstition that their scourge would heal if they slept with a Mutwa. By Modern, here we imply the time of evolution into a new group from an old human group is late.

Not only Ugandans but the whole Earth is bleeding labour to create JUNK GOODS and Services that Majority humans do not need. iphone 29,, 21z, 21X, supersonic airline, Entebbe Expressway etc, as Congolese Children labour aimlessly (for 70 hours a week)  in Mines to produce Raw Materials for this vile Economic Lust that continues to drain this planet Earth.

If you have been to India, you will know how wealth, which is the product of excessive labour STINKS. Mumbai and New Delhi are unlivable for an African who grew up breathing Fresh air. But the whole issue is OVER PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION as well as DUMPING of unutilized Goods and services.

In Ancient Nubian and Modern Agriculture,  One controversial  way of making the LIVER of an animal BIG so as to eat it is by Force-Feeding the Animal or bird, a practice called “FOIE GRAS”. But having a liver 10 times it’s size is not fair and healthy normal living for the DUCK. Our intensive labour systems inherited from Colonial slavery is therefore not different from of Foie Gras.

The world of Africans no longer has morals but we live for Work and Money only. There is no Patriotism from Lilongwe to Katwe. They all behave the same. They only worship Money.

Shrines, Churches and Mosques used to be full of worshippers “due to Democracy” as these Faiths claim to have the most numbers of Believers on Earth, but we have 3 Whole Days PER Week gazetted for them in Most Human Laws of Today as borrowed for Hellenistic and Arabic Slave traders.

Imagine worshipping for 3 days singing a thousand hymn songs and then going to work for 5 days BUT singing the National Anthem of Uganda and East Africa ONCE a Year. Are we serious? When was PDM supervised by the whole Village then??

That is Uganda and Africa at large. But we talk of Patriotism daily.

We would therefore Suggest that we gazette  a 4th Day,, and Kill the 8 hours of LABOUR and use that day to Consolidate whatever Humanity has LOST in Pursuit of Money and these are the Love, self-help, Patriotism, we sing songs of Nationalism and Pan Africanism on that Day in unison like we do in Churches (used to do), visit PDM model farms as community, clean Roads and water ways, harvest for the Disabled and dig for them etc etc.

The Markets would still be Open but you buy or sell Online if you want. The African Private Sector must Learn to harness AI and ICT to enable more efficiency of Machines to enable Humans to find enough Time to LIVE, Love and be Humanely African like we all are….not like Machines again, the way we are today. Why create Machines and Labour more than them??

The risk to this ‘Thursday Patriotic day” is that Foreign Investors who are still Julian in all thinking and Plans will NOT like it. They can even sanction you for that but using another Excuse.

But that’s their problem. Afterall, they want to manufacture whatever nobody uses in Uganda like Chocolate, Cigarettes, whatever. In life, life at home comes first.

A disoriented unhappy and overworked depressed labour force is worse than no labour at all. We can’t have an aim of growing Rich as a People while Dying of Ulcers during the Process.

The people were created by Nature to “work a bit” but seriously and honestly,,,,,then go and Make Love on Thursday,,,, then begin speaking to their Lord for the next 3 days.

All that the Ugandan Workers (laborers) therefore need to grow and Develop are People Working VERY seriously  on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. … 3 days,  Only .. I repeat, maximum 4 after “negotiations with ILO”.

It is wise to Say NO to “Slavery of the Body” by Greedy uncalled-for consumptive exploitative global labour practices. That is what revolutions are all about. It’s also wise to be Patriotic when the Body can stand, not sit all the time or vice versa.

The authors are Jago Minyang Makombo and Sylas Ngarambe Muzeyi, Philosophies of Labour and Patriotism.

Disclaimer: As UG Reports Media LTD, we welcome any opinion from anyone if it’s constructive for the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not those of UG Reports Media Ltd. but of the author of the article.

Would you like to share your opinion with us? Please send it to this email: theugreports@gmail.com.

Guest Writer

Disclaimer: As UG Reports Media LTD, we welcome any opinion from anyone if it’s constructive for the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not those of UG Reports Media Ltd. but of the author of the article. Would you like to share your opinion with us? Please send it to this email: theugreports@gmail.com.

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