Parents urged to prioritize education for their children

The celebration was under the theme of celebrating the success of operating since post-COVID-19.

By Moses Alinda

Arua: Parents and other education stakeholders’ have been advised to always prioritize the education of their children and celebrate the success of their struggles.

This was recently during the 2nd graduation anniversary of the pre-primary section of Tropical Junior Nursery and Primary School in Arua City.

The event that started with marching through the streets of Arua town on Monday morning was celebrated at the school premises in the orphanage cell, Pangisa Lower, in Arua Central Division.

A similar event had been celebrated in 2019, but due to the COVID-19 lockdown, it wouldn’t be easy to have a similar event since the learners stayed home for more than 2 years.

The celebration was under the theme of celebrating the success of operating since post-COVID-19.

Ogani Posian, the head teacher of the school, says the school has committed and dedicated staff, which have enhanced the academic performance of the learners to suit the current standard of education.

He says the teamwork exhibited by all the stakeholders has enabled the school to have positive achievements, though there was a setback of Cvid 19, which would not enable the learners to achieve their dreams during that period.

Tropical Junior has been having steady improvement in primary leaving examinations since the school opened in 2019.

In 2019, five learners passed in first grade; in 2020/2021, nine candidates passed in first grade; and in 2022, 15 candidates passed in first grade.

Ogani Posian, the head teacher, attributes this steady performance to all the education stakeholders, including the parents, who do a tremendous job of entrusting the school with their children.

He further says the school boarding section helps them keep learners, especially in upper primary, at the tip of teachers who always access them at any given time.

This has attracted parents from all parts of the country and South Sudan to entrust their children to the school for better performance.

Nyakuru Jessica, head teacher of the tropical junior nursery section, says that COVID-19 acted as a stumbling block for both the learners and teachers, but because of perseverance, they have managed to help the learners excel academically.

She added that good performance needs the collective responsibility of all the stakeholders so that there can be better performance.

She tasked parents to always work hand in hand with teachers and other stakeholders to make sure their children excel.

Tropical Junior School has a total enrolment of 7,51 learners from nursery to primary level who have finished this academic year.

However, the number slightly dropped from the previous over 800 pupils due to the COVID-19 effects.

Thirty-nine pupils graduated during the function and will join the primary section next year.

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