Oil roads a death trap in Buliisa district

Last but not least, some cases of accidents in Buliisa district have been caused by roaming animals, mostly cows.

By Guest Writer

Opinion: Before the construction of the oil roads, there were few cases of accidents in Buliisa; however, the newly constructed roads have now become a death trap.

In a space of two weeks, at least six people have perished in road accidents, while dozens have been injured in the oil-rich Buliisa district.

Most of these accidents have happened along the Hoima-Butiaba-Wanseko road and the Buliisa-Paara road.

Though the rampant accidents have been attributed to reckless driving and riding, the road users, mostly drivers and riders, have not been sensitized.

In addition, some spots, like from Nyamasoga Primary School in Biiso Sub County to Butiaba Junction in Butiaba Sub County, have sharp corners, and worst of all, some road signs have been vandalized, reportedly by scrap dealers.

There is a need for the leaders in Buliisa district, especially the traffic department, to sensitize the public on the signs and importance of the road signs, the dangers of overspeeding, and vandalizing road signs.

The traffic department should also sensitize the public on the safety measures using the tarmac roads since most of the road users are used to the marrum roads.

In most cases, many riders and drivers use the road without thinking about others, for instance, overtaking without calculating the speed of the driver or rider ahead or behind them.

I think if the public is sensitized on the above issues, accidents in the oil-rich district will become history.

Though Julius Allan Hakiza, the Albertine Regional Police Mouthpiece, says that they have resorted to sensitizing the public, like riders and drivers, on the dangers of reckless driving, there is also a need to deploy more traffic officers along Hoima-Biiso-Wanseko due to the increased flow of traffic as a result of oil activities.

For the many times I have traveled on the above road, the traffic police are always at the Butiaba junction and Buliisa Central Police Station, which, in my view, isn’t enough.

In addition, they should also ensure all drivers operating along the said road have valid driving permits and that riders wear protective gear like helmets and others. This can also reduce the rampant accidents in the district or the death rates on the road.

According to Biiso Sub County LC3 Chairperson Denis Oyewa, in some scenarios, drivers and riders work under the influence of alcohol. In my view, this also requires the public to be sensitized on the dangers of driving or riding under the influence of alcohol.

Last but not least, some cases of accidents in Buliisa district have been caused by roaming animals, mostly cows.

These cows move freely even along the roads. In my view, the authorities in the district should put in place by-laws prohibiting cattle rearing in the town council and cows roaming on the roads, and if they are already in place, they should be implemented to save people’s lives from accidents.

Recent accidents

On the 18th of January this year, a Sino-Truck registration number UBM 039F knocked dead Prisca Anirwoth, 30, along Buliisa-Wanseko road on a motorcycle while heading to Panyimur to follow up on her fish, which was reportedly impounded by fisheries protection unit officials.

On the night of January 24, 2024, Bigirwenkya Antwaani Musiimo, in his early 60s, was also knocked dead in Kibambura village, Ngwedo Sub County, along Buliisa-Ngwedo Road, as he was on his way home.

After the incident, angry residents torched the motor vehicle.

Again, on Thursday, January 25, 2024, another accident happened along Biiso-Hoima Road by an unknown vehicle, killing Moses Aliganyira on the spot.

On Sunday, January 4, 2024, at around 8pm, three people were knocked dead at the Walukuba conjuction along Hoima-Butiaba-Wanseko road; two died on the spot, while another died shortly after arriving at the hospital for treatment.

In March last year, Andrew Mugati, the Daily Monitor correspondent, perished in an accident along the same road. It is reported that he knocked on a cow and died shortly after being rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital for treatment.

Many people have perished in the road accidents in the oil-rich Buliisa district since most roads have been tarmacked.

The author is Innocent Atuganyira, a journalist from Buliisa district.

Disclaimer: As UG Reports Media LTD, we welcome any opinion from anyone if it’s constructive for the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not those of UG Reports Media Ltd. but of the author of the article.

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