Ntungamo councilors resolve to resume the process of splitting the district into three`

The councilors resolved to have the district divided into Ntungamo, Rushenyi, and Kajara districts.

By Van Deguras

Ntungamo: The Ntungamo district council has resolved to resume the process of dividing the district into three districts, reasoning that this is the only way the residents of the largest district in south-western Uganda can get effective service delivery.

The council sitting on Wednesday, chaired by district speaker Nicholas Twikirize, saw that challenges of road infrastructure, the quota system of university government sponsorship, classroom allocation in education, and wage bill issues, among others, can only be resolved when the district is divided.

The councilors resolved to have the district divided into Ntungamo, Rushenyi, and Kajara districts.

The move was first passed in 2013, and the two subsequent requests were quashed by President Museveni, who reasoned that he would not see Ntungamo, a district he was born in, subdivide into smaller divisions.

However, John Kabeho of the Rubaare subcounty council noted that with the president failing to honor pledges like providing extra road equipment or increasing the number of children taken for the university quota system, among other issues that are only given to districts, it’s a waste to have a bigger Ntungamo with people suffering with no services.

The district executive, headed by district chairperson Samuel Mucunguzi Rwakigoba Salongo, was tasked by the council with coming up with clear processes that must see the district divided before the 2026 elections.

The council was also concerned over the non-remittance of collected local revenue from subcounties, with councilors noting that subcounty chiefs were conniving not to remit funds to the district collected from local sources.

The council also recommended Ankole Medical Centre in Kashanda Rubaare subcounty for the government reporting system, the offer of land to Ntungamo College of Nursing and Midwifery,  an ex gratia supplementary payment of Shs 404.6 million for local leaders, and a 2.336 billion supplementary budget for the production department, among other issues.

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