Museveni defends Among over corruption allegations

However, the president urged political leaders to desist from debt.

Bukedea: President Yoweri Katuga Museveni has blasted the social media critics who have turned to using social media to attack Speaker Annet Among Anita.

Museveni described the critics as puppets and traitors who are serving the interests of ‘bad’ foreigners.

“Our problem is not among MPs; it’s the traitors who are working for foreigners. Those are the real traitors. They are not mistake-makers or learners who need advice; they are outright traitors,” Museveni said.

He said this while addressing a rally at Emokor Grounds in Bukedea town council in Bukedea district yesterday, March 23, 2024, where he visited to officially open Bukedea Teaching Hospital and Bukedea College of Health Sciences.

Both institutions are owned by Speaker Among.

For the last two weeks, social media has been awash with unsubstantiated information from a puppeted group of activists regarding Parliament expenditures and accountability under the hashtag #UgandaParliamentExhibition.

According to the president, the motive of the activists is to cast Speaker Among in a bad light as a corrupt leader.

He said the activists behind this social media exhibition are European puppets who must be exposed.

“My intelligence services are monitoring their activities and must be exposed to the public,”  said Mr. Museveni.

He further added that the puppets work for bad foreigners, homosexuals, and imperialists who want Africa to be enslaved again. So I am monitoring them through the intelligence service.

“How can you talk so much about Anita Among? How about those who are working with foreigners? We are going to expose those traitors,” he said.

President Museveni also added that when he was touring Among’s Teaching Hospital, he interrogated her about where she got money for building the hospital, but he learned that he was the one who supported her.

“I remember I supported Among in Bukedea Comprehensive School, and that school is a private school. Students pay money, and through that school, she got money and invested in her hospital, and she’s not corrupt. Whatever she may not know, I will tell her because we are all here and we all live here. So, putting Anita Among on social media means there is something wrong with you.” Museveni said.

Anita told this publication that the hospital offers free medical care services to mothers and children.

The politician said that after looking at the status of mothers and children in Bukedea, she feltthe need to offer free care services.

“You advised me to develop this place through your guidance and support, and now I am happy you have witnessed the development that is in place,” Among said.

Dr. John Wilson Etolu, the hospital incharge, said the facility has handled a total of 200 patients so far since it was instituted.

“I want to report this: the facility has handled 200 patients, and the medical team has successfully carried out an operation on twelve mothers,’’ he said.

The facility has also minimized referral cases, which has been the main challenge for the people of Bukedea.

Mary Akol, the Bukedea district LCV chairperson, says referral cases have been a big challenge in her district.

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