Minister Babalanda rallies stakeholders on HIV/AIDS fight

He also advised the people living with HIV through their leaders to always inform the ministry of health in time so as not have stock outs of ARVs.

Bunyoro: The Minister for Presidency, Milly Babirye Babalanda, has urged various stakeholders to join forces in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Speaking at a national of the candle light Memorial Day commemoration held on Friday at Booma grounds in Hoima City, Babalanda emphasized the need for collective action to combat the epidemic.

Babalanda called on stakeholders to prioritize HIV prevention, particularly among vulnerable populations such as young people and key populations. She also emphasized the need for increased access to antiviral therapy (ART) and other treatment services.

The minister has urged civil society organizations to intensify their efforts in the fight against HIV and AIDS, with a focus on achieving the goal of ending the epidemic by 2030.

The Inter-religious Council of Bunyoro, led by Sheikh Musa Babanja, has urged the government to increase its commitment to ending HIV and AIDS in the country, emphasizing the need for sustained and intensified efforts to combat the epidemic.

The inter-religious council commended the government for its efforts so far but emphasized that more needs to be done to achieve the goal of ending HIV by 2030 thus calling for increased investment in HIV prevention programs, improved access to ARVs and addressing the social and economic determinants of health that drive the epidemic.

In their speech, the people living with HIV have disclosed that they are still battling stigma and discrimination among the public and also law treatment levels.

They unveiled that the country is having stock outs of the Arts and this is a threat to their lives, adding that there is a need for improved treatment for TB to reduce the drug burden on the patients.

Dr. Vincent Bagambe, Director of Planning and Strategic Information at the Uganda AIDS Commission, has emphasized the importance of engaging communities in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Bagambe noted that while significant progress has been made in reducing HIV prevalence, there is still a need to engage communities at the grassroots level to achieve elimination because they must empower communities to take ownership of the response and ensure sustainability.

He also advised the people living with HIV through their leaders to always inform the ministry of health in time so as not have stock outs of ARVs.

The Mayor of Hoima City, Brain Kaboyo, has appealed for increased staffing and improved infrastructure in health centers to ensure quality healthcare services for residents.

Kaboyo says currently they have staff shortage and inadequate infrastructure, making most patients shy to go for treatment or consultation since there is no privacy at the health centers.

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