Masindi doctor who wrestled with chapati vendor demoted

However, he will continue working as the medical officer at the same hospital.

Masindi: The Masindi District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Sanyu Phionah, has taken decisive action by withdrawing Dr. Vincent Katusiime from his role as the superintendent of Masindi General Hospital.

In a letter dated April 17, 2024, the CAO cited the need for efficient and effective service delivery as the reason for this decision. Consequently, Dr. Katusiime will revert to his substantive position.

The CAO’s letter also emphasized adherence to Section F-d of the Public Service Standing Orders 2021, which pertains to handling and taking over office responsibilities.

Earlier, on April 16, 2024, Sanyu summoned Dr. Katusiime, demanding a detailed explanation within fourteen days. The trigger for this summons was a video clip circulating on social media showing Dr. Katusiime wrestling with a chapati vendor within the hospital premises.

The CAO accused him of acting in a manner that tarnished the service’s reputation, engaging in a workplace altercation, and potentially violating conflict-of-interest guidelines.

Despite attempts to seek Dr. Katusiime’s comment, our phone calls went unanswered.

CAO’s letter to Dr. Katusiime.

Cosmas Byaruhanga, the Masindi District LCV Chairman, has taken the firm stance of withdrawing Dr. Vincent Katusiime from his role as the superintendent of Masindi General Hospital.

The catalyst for this decision was a viral video on social media showing Dr. Katusiime engaging in a physical altercation with a chapati vendor within the hospital premises.

Byaruhanga expressed that, in the eyes of the public, Dr. Katusiime’s actions rendered him unsuitable to continue serving as the hospital superintendent.

‘’Supporting such behavior would be inappropriate, given the circumstances. The withdrawal of Dr. Katusiime’s assignment marks the beginning of investigations into the incident,’’ he said.

‘’If Dr. Katusiime admits wrongdoing and responds with remorse, there may be room for pardon. However, if he remains unrepentant or fails to engage in mediation with the affected woman, the case will follow its natural course,’’ Byaruhanga added.

The politician asserted that the involvement of various stakeholders, including the affected woman, Ms. Nanyombi Harriet, adds complexity to the situation.

While the outcome remains uncertain, Dr. Katusiime has been relieved of his role as hospital superintendent. However, he will continue working as the medical officer at the same hospital.


Reliable sources indicate that both parties are currently engaged in mediations to resolve the matter outside of court.

Byaruhanga disclosed that these mediations are taking place independently of the district leadership. ‘’Although Ms. Nanyombi has not formally lodged a complaint with the CAO, her input remains crucial in determining the way forward,’’ he noted.

‘’Had the video not been recorded, the incident might have remained unnoticed, and the woman involved may not have come forward to complain,’’ Byaruhanga asserted.


Dr. Vincent Katusiime, the medical superintendent of Masindi General Hospital, found himself embroiled in a heated exchange with a determined chapati vendor near the hospital’s second gate. The situation escalated dramatically when the vendor slapped Dr. Katusiime on the right cheek.

Dr. Katusiime, far from backing down, responded with force. He grabbed the woman’s neck and engaged in a physical struggle, wrestling her to the ground.

Onlookers had to step in to separate the combatants due to the intensity of their confrontation.

The root cause of this bizarre encounter lies in the chapati trade. Apparently, the woman had sent her daughter to sell chapati on Good Friday, March 29, 2024.

However, her chapatti bucket was reportedly confiscated by the hospital’s security personnel (Askari) on orders from Dr. Katusiime. Selling edibles within the hospital premises was strictly prohibited.

Ms. Nanyombi Harriet, a resident of Western Ward in the Central Division of Masindi Municipality, personally experienced the fallout. Her daughter’s unsuccessful attempt to sell chapati led to this unexpected clash, which has now become a matter of public scrutiny.

As the investigation unfolds, the involvement of various stakeholders and the ongoing mediation will determine the course of action.

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