Kiryandongo children miss school, mothers deliver at home over floods

The impassable and flooded road has forced expecting mothers to give birth at home, endangering their lives.

Kiryandongo: The Kikaito-BBakyeyo road in Kiryandongo district, which was submerged in 2022, has severely impacted service delivery for residents.

This road serves as a crucial link to major roads, health centers, schools, and markets, making its closure particularly detrimental.

Pregnant mothers seeking antenatal services and school-going children, especially those in lower classes, are among the most affected.

The impassable and flooded road has forced expecting mothers to give birth at home, endangering their lives.

The area LC1 Chairperson, Ozunga Alifunsi, highlights that children, particularly those below seven years old, are missing school due to the road’s condition, stressing that pregnant mothers are also delivering at home because of the road’s inaccessibility.

According to Ozunga, despite promises made during political campaigns in 2021, no action has been taken to repair the road. As a result, farmers like Okwiri Felix struggle to access markets for their produce.

Motorcycles and vehicles cannot navigate the flooded area, leading to financial losses.

Harriet Apio, Deputy Head Teacher Academic at Kimyoka Primary School, reports a decline in enrollment due to floods. ‘’Young children are dropping out of school, which exacerbates the situation,’’ she said.

Emmanuel Murungi, the communications officer for Kiryandongo District, acknowledges the deplorable state of the 8-kilometer Kikaito-Bayeyo road. He explains that plans to address the road’s condition are indeed in progress, but the delay lies in securing the necessary machinery.

‘’Currently, the district grader is engaged in working on other roads, which has affected the timeline for this specific project,’’ he added.

Murungi asserted that the district has allocated 80 million shillings for the routine maintenance of the same road, emphasizing the importance of keeping it functional and accessible.

Kiryandongo district LCV chairperson, Edith Aliguma, sheds light on the situation. She confirms that the road was submerged due to heavy downpours, and the assessment team visited the site to evaluate the extent of damage.

Unfortunately, the lack of timely funds hindered immediate action. However, she reassures the community that plans are underway to address the road’s condition.

In the meantime, she encourages patience and calmness among the affected residents.

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Innocent Atuganyira

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