Kagadi district engineering department members face interdiction

The incident occurred on the 21st day of April this year, when the grader was allegedly hired out for private work.

Kagadi: The district engineers are accused of collaborating with road equipment operators to unlawfully hire out the equipment for private projects.

Recently, a grader with registration number UG 1706W was discovered working on a private site at the Bukinda Small Hydropower Project in Buhumuliro Sub County.

The grader had allegedly been hired out of the project by its operator, Ambrose Tumwine, and the turner, Deo Bamanya. Other district officials involved have not been identified yet.

The grader was reportedly hired out for one million shillings. Such actions are considered wrong, criminal, and illegal, as the road equipment should be used for public purposes, not private gain.

Following the incident, officials from the Ministry of Works conducted an impromptu visit to the district and transported the road equipment back to their headquarters in Kampala.

Fred Byamukama, the Works and Transport State Minister, expressed disapproval of the district officials’ actions stressing that it was wrong, criminal and illegal for the district officials to hire out the road equipment to a private investor.

Interestingly, the Kagadi District received 1.138 billion shillings for road maintenance, but more than 600 million shillings remain unused in the district account.

Byamukama suggested that this money could be returned to the consolidated fund.

Hon. Barnabas Tinkasimire (MP for Buyaga West), Hon. Eric Musana (MP for Buyaga East), and Jenifer Mbabazi (District Woman MP) expressed disappointment over the mismanagement of road equipment.

The members of the Kagadi District Roads Committee, led by Woman MP Jenifer Kyomuhendo Mbabazi, have requested the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Epodoi Pauline, to interdict the suspects involved in the grader saga. This action aims to allow the police to conduct thorough investigations.

According to Resident District Commissioner Lillian Ruteraho, there seems to be limited supervision of local government employees within the district.

District Chairperson Ndibwami Bahunga Yosia has assured that the police will conduct a comprehensive investigation to identify all officers involved in the scandal.

The incident occurred on the 21st day of April this year, when the grader was allegedly hired out for private work.

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