Gulu University students impress UN officials

She implores young people to continue embracing critical thinking, saying it is always hard for many people to think critically and come up with good decisions.

By Christopher Nyeko

Gulu: The articulation, impression, and high level of confidence exhibited by the students of Gulu University have today impressed officials from the United Nations.

The Gulu University students were given an opportunity yesterday to deliberate on the question of how Gulu University students can implement sustainable development goals.

Susan Ngongi Namodo, the UN resident representative to Uganda, cherished the students of Gulu University, saying the students were embracing critical thinking, something she says is hard for many people to do.

She was speaking at the conference to deliberate on how to implement the sustainable development goal and suitable development goals. Agenda number four for the talk on quality education

Ngongi also praised the high level of discipline exhibited at the university for maintaining a well-arranged compound and an environment full of green compared to other institutions that have disorganized settings.

She implores young people to continue embracing critical thinking, saying it is always hard for many people to think critically and come up with good decisions.

He, however, directs the young people to learn how to be organized and do things responsibly.

Prof. Openyjuru George Ladaah, the Gulu University Vice Chancellor, requested that the UN publish the fact that Gulu University has assisted Uganda in the achievement of the sustainable development goal.

Okot Francis, the Gulu university guild president, asked the UN to facilitate university activities aimed at achieving sustainable development goals.

He assured that Gulu University wants to be the leading university in Africa; however, he notes that there is a need for institutional collaboration and partnership so that student leadership is taken to the top-ranked university in Africa for benchmarking learning.

Adongo Sahara, the president of the United Nations Association Gulu chapter, who is pursuing a bachelor of agriculture, attributed the eloquence of the students to the mode of training they are acquiring from the university.

According to Adongo, Gulu University students are trained in problem-based learning, where students are given problems and left to come up with solutions.

Onono James Ojok, the public relations office for Gulu University, says Gulu University is considering sustainable development goals in their budgeting processes. He noted that students are always encouraged to engage in interacting with community during community dialogue, which helps foster and bring their students to be good public speakers, problem solvers, and people with a solution-based attitude.

Yesterday, dialogue was part of the activities in preparation to celebrate UN Day, which is going to be hosted by Gulu City on October 24, 2023, under the theme “accelerating the achievement of the 2030 agenda and the sustainable development goal”.

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