Gulu City Mayor gains weight in Russia, receives a warm reception

In a memo read to the mayor by Olok, Christine Mayor informed the mayor of the number of activities that took place in Gulu City in his absence.

By Christopher Nyeko

Gulu: Gulu City Mayor Alfred Okwonga received a warm reception in Gulu City on Tuesday after returning from an international conference held in Russia.

Okwonga was on a flight to Russia for a conference dubbed Brick Plus, which brought together first-world countries such as Russia, Brazil, China, India, and South Africa to discuss bilateral partnerships.

This year’s Brick conference marks the 5th conference where African countries such as Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, and South Africa were invited for the first time.

The mayor was received by his secretaries, led by Christine Olok, the deputy mayor, together with Luboyo Doreen Aber, the secretaries for health education and social services, and Kenneth Oketayot, secretary work and technical service.

In a memo read to the mayor by Olok Christine  informed the mayor of the number of activities that took place in Gulu City in his absence.

In an interview, the mayor reveals that he was selected by his counterpart mayor from Uganda to represent Uganda because all of them were unable to attend the conference.

The mayor said he urged first-world countries to practice international partnership and bilateral trade with poor African countries.

He reveals that Russia is ready to do businesses such as pharmaceuticals, coffee processing factories, and buying organic produce such as honey and Simsim from Gulu city.

In the meeting, they propose signing a memorandum of understanding with African universities and Russian universities so that African students and lecturers from Africa are given a chance to study in Russia, as well as for Russia to send its students to Africa too.

He noted that he came up with a draft memorandum of understanding for the affiliation of universities in Africa to take their students to study in Russia, while Russia would also bring their students and lecturers to study in Africa.

He has delivered a copy of the draft MOU he brought from Russia to the VC chancellor of Gulu University and the University of the Holy Heart, and they have started working on it.

Gulu City is expecting a delegation from Russia in March 2024 to further their discussion on the bilateral agreement.

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