Adepo sworn in as FDC National Youth League Chairperson

Other contenders included Manful Abeneitwe, who got 19 votes, and Okot Fredrick Naurius, who scored 18 votes.

By John Baptist Ahumuza

Kampala: Adepo Francis has been sworn in as the new National Youth League chairperson for the opposition Forum for Democratic Changes (FDC) after defeating four opponents in a hotly contested election.

Adepo garnered 70 votes, while Swaburah Nakabira, who emerged as the second, scored 55 votes, according to the FDC Chief Electoral Commission, Toterebuka Bamwenda Boniface.

Other contenders included Manful Abeneitwe, who got 19 votes, and Okot Fredrick Naurius, who scored 18 votes.

“Accordingly, as the Chief Electoral Commissioner, I declare Adepo Francis, who has obtained the largest number of votes, to be the elected candidate for the position of Secretary for Youth Forum for Democratic Change,” said Bamwenda.

Shortly after being declared the winner, the excited Adepo took an oath amidst cheers from his supporters.

“I, Adepo Francis, being elected as the National Chairperson of the Youth League Executive of the Forum for Democratic Change, swear in the name of the Almighty and solemnly affirm that I will be grateful and faithful and bear true allegiance to the constitution, policies, programs, rules, regulations, and codes of conduct of the party. I shall offer diligent service in the best interest of the party. So help me, God.”

Speaking to the press, Adepo said the newly elected youth league is a very strong one that the government of President Museveni is to suffer with.

“We shall not rest given the fact that we, the youth, being 70% of the population of this country, have always been the most marginalized people, and we can do anything strange as far as rescuing ourselves is concerned,” said Adepo.

He added that one of the key things he is to start with is to visit fellow youth league leaders from other opposition political parties and find a way of working together as far as helping Ugandans is concerned.

“We shall not rest over that, and the public is going to feel us, and we want to assure the regime that the youth league that has come is really a very tactical one as far as fighting for the rights of Ugandans is concerned.” Added Adepo.

Earlier, chaos had erupted as Brian Okori was disqualified on the last hour by the Electoral Commission on the ground that he masqueraded as the Chairperson of FDC Kyambogo University.

On the other hand, Kiaskye Agnes emerged as the winner of the National Women League of the FDC party after defeating Hellen Achan.

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