GACUMI impresses Acholi native with great movie action

The actors, actresses, and characters in the cinema were all Acholi natives, acting fluently in the Acholi dialect with a lot of sensationalism and creativity in their action.

By Christopher Nyeko

Gulu: The Great Acholi Cultural Movies Industry (GACUMI), one of the film houses in Gulu city, was amazed over the weekend by the Acholi traditional leaders and a number of Acholi natives who thronged at Taks ART Center, Gulu City, to witness the premiere of the GACUMI first movie titled “A World of Pain.” a play directed by Opiyo Lawrence, widely known as Melody.

Our reporter, who attended the movie’s premiering, observed the excitement from some of the multitudes who resorted to making ululation, intonation, and singing songs of praise, while others were seen shading tears of enjoyment, wondering what a great movie action it was!

The actors, actresses, and characters in the cinema were all Acholi natives, acting fluently in the Acholi dialect with a lot of sensationalism and creativity in their action.

The content of the movie “A World of Pain” explains how people with ill-motivated examples like rapists, womanizers, rumormongers, and troubleshooters can negatively affect societies.

This movie, “The World of Pain,” also sees the significance of cultural institutions in solving problems emerging as a result of anti-social behavioral practices among its subjects.

Okech Charles, the Premier of Ker Kwaro Alero, who represented the Acholi paramount chief, his highness Rwot Onen David Acana II, lauded the GACUMI for taking on the mantle of exposing the rich Acholi culture to the entire world through movie action.

Okech assured the film houses in Acholi that the door for endorsing any group who intends to act in any movie with its content on Acholi culture, beliefs, norms, and practices is widely open.

In his remarks to the crowds, Opiyo Lawrence Melody, the director of the Great Acholi Cultural Movie Industry (GACUMI), revealed that his team is aspiring to become the greatest film house in northern Uganda with its focus on telling the Acholi stories and promoting the Acholi good culture in the way it is supposed to be told and promoted to the entire world through movie action.

The director, however, calls for financial support to empower them to acquire equipment and support their actors and actresses, who are mainly helpless children and youth who are majorly forced out of school because their parents have failed to afford their school fees.

Pastor Patrick Oloya, the manager of Favor FM, one of the biggest Christian radio stations in East Africa, assured GACUMI that Favor FM will always offer support to GACUMI through radio DJ mentions, advertisements, and publicity whenever their door is knocked.

The GACUMI was established on July 7, 2022. They have acted in many movies and are great performers of the various Acholi cultural dances. Part of their activities is teaming up with elderly women to train and mentor youth, especially young girls, on the moral and traditional practices of home management.

Paskalini Atenga, aged 76, says her home is now serving as an informal school where she is offering informal education to young girls on how to become good housewives in the future.

“In teaching them to respect elders, care for their children and infants, care for their housebound and everyone in the community, and teach them how to cook Acholi delicacies in Acholi cuisine, even the slay queen is thronging my home for these cultural sessions,” Atenga reveals.

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