Educationist recommends teaching in local language

Masindi: The Masindi Municipality Principal Education Officer, Sam Peter Ayebale, has recommended schools to start teaching learners in the local language for easy learning and understanding.

While opening a two-day conference on Thursday organized by the Redearth Education Centre and held at the Country Inn Hotel Masindi, Ayebale said that teaching in local language facilitates easy learning of the English language.

He also applauded the Redearth Education Centre for championing teaching in local languages, saying it has provided a firm foundation for learners even when they leave the kindergarten level.

Ayebale also applauded the Redearth Education Centre for training teachers in both teaching skills and producing learning materials, saying they have improved the academic performance of learners in the district and beyond.

He stressed that currently the country is facing the challenge of literacy and mathematics, but the Redearth Education Centre has addressed it, saying that there is an improvement in literacy and mathematics among the learners in the district.

Betty Kyomuhendo, the Deputy Mayor for Masindi Municipality, stressed that some parents believe that when their children speak English, they are bright, which is not the case.

He reinstated that teaching in the local language makes learners understand both inside and outside the class compared to teaching in the English language.

Kyomuhendo commended the government for creating an enabling environment for education partners and Redearth for utilizing the environment to improve academic performance in schools.

Robert Muhangi, the Executive Director of Redearth Education Centre, said the organization has come to be known for developing practices in teaching and learning, in particular focusing on numeracy and literacy.

He noted that to ensure they deliver this, they organize central training of teachers to ease teaching in different learning institutions to see that teachers practice what they learn at their organization and deliver it to the learners.

Muhangi disclosed that they are operating in all 98 schools in Masindi district and do consulting in schools outside the district and the country. ‘’We target learners below the age of 13 because he hopes a child who is above that age will have completed the primary cycle.’’

He noted that the two-day conference is basically to celebrate the success they have achieved since the organization started in 2006. The conference, which started today, Thursday, May 2, will end tomorrow, Friday 3.

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